How to Efficiently Organize Your Business


Don’t allow a lack of organization to slow your company down. A few simple changes could be all it takes to transform your business into a more productive organization. Find out how to efficiently organize your business for the better.

Declutter Your Office

Many managers often fail to organize their papers and files, as they believe everything is important. Yet, they are more than likely filled with outdated letters, irrelevant documents or duplicate paperwork. Recycle any broken electronics stored away in a closet, such as old TVs and computers, or you can donate any items you no longer need. A clean, clutter-free office space will prevent you from wasting time sifting their unnecessary files, while allowing you to move through the office with ease.

Incorporate Maintenance Scheduling Software

Schedule maintenance duties can be time-consuming, especially if it is fundamental to your company operations. For example, if you need to schedule personnel, machinery or replacement parts, you should incorporate maintenance scheduling software that will allow you to organize your operations efficiently, so the deadline or machinery never falls by the wayside. As a result, your company can stay on track with its goals.

Bin Your Paper Receipts

The IRS now accepts electronic copies of your receipts for office supplies, taxis or restaurant bills. Invest in either a handy smartphone app or a receipt management scanner, which will make it simple to export data for accounting or reporting.

Save Data in the Cloud

The cloud makes it easy to clean up your storage, backup your files and share documents with others. There are several cloud platforms available that can make saving and organizing files simple. For example, you can turn to the likes of Google Drive or Dropbox to access your files on any device at any time, and all you need is an internet connection to do so.

Manage Your Inbox

How many unread emails are sitting in your inbox? How often are you sifting through unhelpful messages until you find the one you want? Stop allowing unnecessary messages to stand in the way of your business and start managing your inbox. Delete the files you no longer need and store important messages into folders, so you can quickly gain access to your most important files. Regularly review your inbox to stay on top of your communications to maintain a productive flow.

Delete Outdated Social Media Profiles

Tighten up your online presence by deleting any outdated, empty profiles that could damage your company’s image. Review the social platforms where you have the strongest online presence, and delete any profiles with inactivity. It is essential your business looks as active online as possible to maintain a forward-thinking, proactive image – and empty profiles will have an opposite effect. You should also consider using a JustUnfollow tool to identify and delete any followers who have not followed you back or are inactive online.

Stop Putting Things Off

Are you putting things off so you can focus on different areas of the business? Well, it is time to stop avoiding taxing tasks and start tying up any loose ends that could slow your business down in the future. For instance, have you received your Tax ID number? Do you need to renew your local permit or licenses? Have you started to organize the books for the tax year? Maybe you have been meaning to send a client a thank you card but haven’t had the time? Stay on top of the internal processes bit by bit, or they could significantly slow you down eventually.

Prioritize Company Tasks

Improve internal efficiency by prioritizing tasks to ensure your business operations remain on schedule. Review the daily, weekly and monthly priorities to ensure you can devise a plan to meet your core business objectives. All employees must also set individual priorities to ensure they adhere to deadlines. Don’t forget to allow time for unexpected events or interruptions, such as phone calls, business appointments and last-minute orders.

Standard Checks

A lack of company standards can lead to lost orders, poor products and extensive communications with dissatisfied customers. It is therefore essential to ensure one person is not directly responsible for a core task. Another employee must double check an internal task has been performed to the highest standard, which is essential with financial information or cash handling.

You can also identify if the internal processes are being performed to the highest standard, as you can perform internal audits, embark on a customer service follow-up or can send customer surveys. This process should become an everyday part of the normal business operations.

Daily Planning

Stay one step ahead and plan for any unexpected or necessary tasks that need to be completed the following day. Write a list of everything you need to do the evening before you need to do them. Don’t forget to add any important dates or events into a planner, so you never miss an important business date that would otherwise decrease your company’s productivity.

Keep in Touch with Your Customers/Clients

Communicate with your customers on a regular basis, so you remain at the forefront of their minds, while showing them how much you value their business. Don’t forget to send them a birthday card, a thank you note for their business or a greetings card on a holiday, such as Christmas. This will prove to your clients or customers that you are organized business that they can trust.


Organization is the key to business productivity. You must therefore actively look for ways to improve your operations to create a more efficient workplace, which will help to raise your company standards, maximize time and finances, while improving customer satisfaction. So, improve maintenance and management tasks, declutter the office, connect with customers and review your standards to ensure your business meets or exceeds its goals.

Do you have any helpful tips for improving organization within a business? Feel free to share your advice and leave a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts.


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