Escape Rooms – The Hot Trend You Should Be Considering for Your Next Team Building Event


When you run a business or manage a team, getting the right dynamic between the people who work for you is essential. Teams who trust each other, cooperate, and know each other’s personalities, strengths and weaknesses are more productive, have higher morale, and make the workplace a generally nicer place to be. Being part of a good team that has strong bonds and works well together also encourages staff retention, as people tend not to want to leave a pleasant working environment.

Team Building Activities

One of the most common ways to try and foster this in companies is to hold occasional team building events where people do activities outside of the office that get them to interact with each other more than they might at work, and form friendships. There are lots of things that businesses do for this, from sports like bowling and paintballing through to video game tournaments and quizzes. One emerging trend that started in Japan, however, is becoming the hottest choice in team building in the USA: escape rooms.

What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are a kind of interactive, live action game. The idea is that a group of people – in this case a work team – are locked in a themed room as part of a story or scenario, and have to figure out how to escape within a fixed time. There will be puzzles to solve, mysteries to figure out, and there may also be other things they need to do than escape, such as disarm a bomb or free a kidnap victim. Escape rooms have been a growing trend worldwide since their introduction in Tokyo as a way of offering a real-life experience based on popular Japanese ‘Escape the Room’ video games; now there are locations all over the US where people can play all different kinds of escape room games, from spooky horror themed games to action movie and mystery inspired scenes. Take a look at some of the games offered at this escape room Montgomery location to see the kinds of scenarios people can play through.

Why Are These Games Ideal for Teams?

Escape games are played by all kinds of groups, including families and teams of friends, but they have become especially popular with companies. This is because the very nature of the challenge means people have to work together and solve problems against the clock. Also, unlike sport-based team building activities, there isn’t likely to be a strong difference in skill level that makes some people feel left out. As well as all this, escape rooms are designed to be exciting and fun, and to give players a sense of having achieved something when they finish – a good mood to create when you are trying to have your team become friends!

As you can see, there are good reasons why this trend is taking off in corporate team building, so why not check out escape rooms near you for your next team event?


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