Essential technology trends to startup a small business


The speed of change in today’s technological world makes it difficult to keep up with new tools, apps, and trends, and whether or not they’re useful to a small business. Keeping a company going is already a monumental task, so breaking into the world of mobile technology might seem like far too much work, especially if you have to shop around for potential solutions on your own. This guide will go over the many ways technology trends turn small business startups into effective and efficient companies.

Customer Communication

Almost everyone you’ve met in the last few years probably has a smartphone. As mobile technology changes to make everything easier for the user, it’s time your business changes as well. If a small business is easy to contact on any device, customers will be much more likely to continue their business with that company in the future.

And if your company is only reachable via an email address or a phone number, you’re not taking advantage of the technology available. There’s an uptake in customer interaction if a company is available to contact on Facebook Messenger, text messages, or a built-in chat widget on your website or app. 24/7 customer support can be automated through chatbot technology, a one-time investment that can be applied to several messaging services to help customers. Advantages to chatbots are numerous: they answer frequent and repetitive questions so your employees can do meaningful work, they respond immediately at any time of day, and many can communicate in several languages.

Blockchain Technology and Digital Commerce

Blockchain technology was popularized by Bitcoin, but it’s not just for cryptocurrency trading. A blockchain, which is an encrypted, uneditable list of transactions, can be used to secure information transferred between parties, keep transaction details safe, and store all of this free of downtime and interference.

Blockchains are technologically complicated and difficult to build, but businesses rarely need to create their own systems, with blockchain integration available through platforms like Ethereum and IBM. Online wallet technology, like Microsoft Wallet, enables customers to pay both in-store and online, and even in apps like Facebook Messenger, with any currency they want. Digital commerce allows for easier purchases and greater customer satisfaction.

Internal Efficiency and the Cloud

Technology isn’t just for the front-end of a small business. Your business’s operations will be enhanced by cloud-based inventory, transaction history, and accounting software, password-protected and available from any device with an internet connection. Cloud platforms can be used to manage and streamline internal data for ease of access.

Analytics software simplifies data, automating work that would take employees weeks or months out of every year. This software sorts through sales and transactions to tell you where your customers are coming from, what they want, and where your company can improve. If all employees are connected to the business’s cloud platform, it’s easier to work from home, arrange calls and meetings, and manage documents from anywhere on the globe.

Creating a Mobile App

Answering customer questions and accepting orders through social media or messaging apps is great, but the greatest small businesses take it one step farther and make their own apps. In an age where every customer has a mobile device, the most effective way to interact is through a platform unique to your own business.

Creating an app might seem like an enormous step, but there’s no better way to update your customers on what’s new in your company, sell to anyone anywhere, or provide customer service on the go. Even if you don’t know where to start, hiring an app developer is one of the best investments a modern business can make. And according to the team at Webs Union mobile apps can be integrated with blockchain, cloud, analytics, and chatbot technology as well, all in one easy-to-access location.

Technology is all about making things easier for everyone. Don’t overlook solutions and trends that could streamline your small business’s transactions and internal workflow. It’s an ever-changing modern world in which your business operates, so staying on top of trends in technology is truly essential to save time and money, regardless of your product, size, or business model.


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