Even These Industries Haven’t Escaped The Tech Revolution


Welcome to the future of business, where every company runs with the use of tech. You might think this is an exaggeration and suggest there are still some industries that are not defined by technology. Manufacturing, for instance. Surely that isn’t, at its core, another tech company. Surely, you suggest, manufacturing still has manual labor working to create and deliver a product. But you might be surprised how few people work in your local manufacturing company. Particularly, if the owner has caught on to the idea of automated processing. Through automation, the labor part of the model can be cut out. Instead, processes are automated and carried out by a machine. Rather than getting a worker to load metal onto a conveyor belt, a machine does this. All it takes is the click of a button from a safe distance away. We’re not too far from a future where factories can be run by one person. What other businesses have embraced tech in the modern age?


Even These Industries Haven't Escaped The Tech Revolution

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Has farming always been a business? Most definitely and don’t let people claim it’s a lifestyle. The animals, while cared for by the farmers are not loved. It is only recently that farming has become industrialized with intensive farming methods. Intensive farming is a way to increase the efficiency of a farm, using the least amount of space for the most stock. For instance, cows might be kept inside all year around. The fields that they used to graze in can now be used to grow crops instead. So, where does tech come into this business model? Well, instead of milking fifty cows kept in a shed by hand, there is a massive machine. It’s rather impressive when you see it. Cows are loaded onto a huge wheel and walk around to get milked. Even mating of animals isn’t natural anymore in this business. It happens through artificial insemination to generate the best quality stock. You might think that farming is stuck in the old ages. From outside the farm, it might even look that way. But rest assured that barnyard has more in common with a factory than a field.



Sure there is new tools and machinery introduced into the construction industry every year. However, none of these new pieces of equipment have revolutionized the world of construction. What certainly has is the introduction of management software. Management software has been used in offices for years. It has only recently been embraced by contractors and subcontractors, with the aim to deliver a more efficient service. Through the use of management software, customers can be kept in the loop about the process. Designs can be shared, and clients can provide updated information to contractors. If you had guessed this operates through cloud servers, you’d be right. The best construction software operates on a cloud so that updates are virtually instant. There’s no delay and clients can be guaranteed an efficient and effective service.



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We know what marketing was like in the past. Companies invested in physical marketing materials such as flyers, billboards, and brochures. These were handed out on the street to customers passing by. It was hoped that this would encourage foot traffic for the business. But in the age where we have a dying central high street, the question must be asked. How long has it been since you saw someone marketing business in the real world? We live in the age of the online business and marketing has shifted to digital networks too. You’re more likely to find a business investing in SEO than a new sign for their shop. SEO works as an online shop sign, and that’s where most of the customers are. Even customers who will buy in store are more likely to find the business online first.




If you thought the medical industry escaped the tech push, you would be wrong. Medicine has gradually evolved to include all the tech updates used in the world today. New, AI tech is used for implants and surgical operations. Cloud servers are used to store customer data rather than having files onsite. Networks can be utilized to transfer information from one hospital to another. You can live in the US and have a medical procedure in Spain while on holiday. They’ll be able to access all your information instantly. Tech has provided nothing but benefits for the medical industry. Although many people are worried, it has resulted in a less personal form of care.

The changes to the world of business through tech have been staggering and we are nowhere near the end. Four years from now tech will have left the business world completely unrecognizable.


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