Exploring Firewalls for Small Businesses


If you’re intending to build a small business, or have already made the key first steps, then undoubtedly you’ve thought about business security. Firewall security may be known to you, or you may be wondering whether a firewall is specifically needed for your business. This guide can help you to understand what firewall protection is and why it is needed.

What is a Firewall for Business?

A firewall is a crucial security device that acts as a barrier between a business and the internet. This barrier helps to put up a shield against cyber attacks, and acts in defense of all your business processes, data, and activity online.

Firewalls can be provided in either software or hardware form. What this means is that you can install firewalls onto your relevant business networks, or you can have a piece of firewall hardware situated in your office/ business building or on an external site of your choice.

Small Business vs. Large Business

Many individuals may consider that smaller businesses are less of a target than larger businesses, but this simply isn’t the case. Any business, large or small, is vulnerable to a cyber attack. In fact, it may be that cyber criminals see smaller businesses as an easier target if they expect security measures to be more relaxed.

This is why a secure firewall system is essential for small businesses, as much as it is for larger businesses. All it means is that your firewall system may not need to be as extensive, with less area to cover, but it will be just as secure. You can install a small office firewall appliance that works to protect all types of small businesses.

The Importance of Using a Firewall for Business

Firewalls are essential security measures for protecting your small business and its data. A firewall isn’t just a security measure should the worst happen; it’s there as a barrier and preventative measure from the very beginning, meaning that the sooner you install a dependable firewall system, the better for your business.

A firewall is essential for a network system, rather than just one computer. A firewall can effectively protect your business processes and data across the entire network, rather than being assigned to one computer. This is essential to the nature of cyber threats being able to travel across network systems rather than simply targeting one computer.

Is Firewall the Same as Antivirus Technology?

No, an antivirus exists to protect your system from malicious files and system programs: namely, viruses. A firewall, on the other hand, is a barrier or shield which is built to prevent your business system from gaining any threats in the first place.

Firewalls and antiviruses can work in tandem with each other for the best security measures, but firewalls are essential in preventative measures for threats and from denying access to your business system in the first place. While antiviruses can work effectively to remove threats, it’s better to implement a firewall to eradicate threats in the first place.


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