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If your dog only eats locally-sourced, grain-free meat, always hogs the covers at night, and has a wardrobe large enough to rival your own, you know he’s no longer a pet. He’s your fur baby. Though Millennials are the worst culprits, people of all ages are trading in diapers for doggy bags and the trend doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Your fur baby has changed your life for the better, even if he’s taken it over. When your dog is everything, you want only the best for him. As you stock up on local healthy snacks and buy your 8th  noveltybandana, make sure your iPhone is stocked with the following dog-friendly apps. These handy apps can help you become the best dog mom or dad you can be.


In the world of Tinder, Grindr, and Bumble, it only makes sense that your pooch has its own dating app too. While your dog can’t exactly swipe right, you can use DoggyDatez to see what other dogs and their owners frequent the same hot spots as you. You can also use the DoggyDatez app to look up pets and their owners according to age, breed, and gender.

Just don’t let Fluffy know you may piggyback on her date. The app lets you mark your territory on its maps. A digital marking is less messy than Fluffy’s version, and it allows you to see other users who frequent your spot. It gives you a good idea of the type of dogs and dog owners who are in your area, but if you have a particular breed in mind, you can also use the search option to find where all of the Treeing Walker Hounds in your neighborhood hangout.


Ever wonder if the dog you adopted is part garbage disposal? Certain breeds, including the Labrador Retriever, can’t help themselves around food. They barely taste the crumbs they manage to find, so quickly do they suck them up. And you constantly worry about them finding a stash of goodies while you’re away. In most cases, their snacks won’t do much more than threaten to add on the pounds, but there are some human foods that are poisonous to dogs.

Every dog owner knows not to give their dog chocolate, but they may not realize macadamia nuts are just as bad for pooches. iKibble helps you sort out whether or not the chow your furry friend inhaled is bad for them. It has a huge inventory of food items and breaks them down according to how healthy they are for dogs. Once you know which ones to stay away from, you can keep a record of safe foods that your dog loves.

Weather Puppy

Both you and your fur baby love to embark on epic walks whenever the sun is shining, but when it’s raining you prefer to cuddle on the couch. While it’s easy to post-pone a walk until the rain moves out of your area, it’s a lot harder to avoid bad weather when you’re already out for a walk. Use Weather Puppy to check on the conditions before you head out to avoid such a mid-walk blunder, and you’ll never have to race home in the middle of a thunder storm. The app makes being prepared cute with its choice of puppies to set as backgrounds, but don’t worry—if your pet is the cutest dog in the world you also have the choice of uploading a pic of your pup.

As a backup plan, you’ll also want to pair the Weather Puppy with a vinyl skin for your iPhone. iPhone skins are the best way to weather-proof your sensitive device just in case you get caught in a thunderstorm. Manufacturers like dbrand use premium 3M vinyl in all of their designs so they can deliver on scratch-, grime-, and water-proof decals. It also means they can supply exclusive designs on every iPhone generation. From custom iPhone 6s skins to the latest iPhone 7 Plus decals, there’s a tailor-made wrap waiting for you.

Pet First Aid—Red Cross

Let’s say you took Fido out for a hike and he manages to go up against a coyote. Would you know how to bandage the bite on his leg until you can get him to the vet? Or in his haste to eat all of his treats, Fido gets a biscuit lodged in his throat. Would you know how to administer the Heimlich maneuver on your dog? If the answer is no, it’s time you download Pet First Aid by Red Cross.

It comes equipped with easy videos and step-by-step instructions in the case of an emergency, as well as information on preventative care. Pet First Aid also lets you create pet profiles so you can key in important health information and upcoming vet appointments, so you can keep an eye on Fido’s health with a swipe of your finger.

Downloading these apps won’t take more than a few minutes, and by the time your skin comes in the mail you’ll have figured out how to navigate them confidently. And don’t worry — most of these are small enough you won’t have to delete any of your many doggy photoshoots.


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