How to Filter Out a Good Employer in 3 Steps


Have you had some bad experience with an employer? You surely don’t want a repeat of the same in your next job. Or are you a fresh graduate looking for a place to jump-start your career? If you have no workplace experience, you should be careful about how you choose your first employer. A bad one will either make you hate your dream career or teach you nothing substantial.

Those who have a prior experience have some clues on what to look out for in a potential employer. Below are three steps to figure out if the company who just called is from the company you would want to work for.

Step 1: Do your research

You are not going to ask questions on everything you need to know about the company during the interview. First, you are usually limited to one or two questions. Secondly, employers love it if you do your research. Spend your time gathering information on the issues that you consider important and show that you care.

If you have concerns about possible cultural and social diversity discriminations, then a quick online search of the company can help. Check the pictures on the company profile.  If they only have one race or gender, then you might have to rethink your working there. Check out employer reviews on platforms such as Glassdoor. Take most of the complaints with a pinch of salt, but if there are hundreds of similar complaints, then you may want to listen.

Step 2: Observe the hiring process

Employing hiring agencies saves companies a lot of time and money when looking for talent. However, you should be on guard if the hiring company cannot reveal their client until the last interview. In most cases, you will end up in a firm that either is a startup or considers you as a mere statistics. Even more, the recruiting agency may be taking part of your pay.

Employers that are concerned about their employees take an active role in the advertising and recruitment process. Companies such as Target Corporation, a leading retailing company in America has posted all the requirements for various positions on the advertisement. They have even provided some of the interview questions they will ask successful applicants. Target also indicates the number of hours employees will be expected to work. Click here for current opportunities in the company.

Step 3: Observe the communication style

How a company communicates to its prospective employees before hiring them tells a lot about the respect one is to expect once on its payroll. Issues to consider include, their value for timelines, professionalism, and personalized communication.

Answer the following questions: Did they reply to your applications when they said they would? Were you treated professionally? If the answer is negative to any of these, then you may have to start looking somewhere else because that is what you will get when hired.

Final words

Companies value their personnel because they know that their success depends on their employees. As a result, they will do all they can to show their best to attract the best skills. It is safe to assume that what you see during the recruitment process is their best. Use it to filter out employers.


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