Five Tips On How to Increase Online Sales


With small overheads and big profits to be made, it seems like everyone and his uncle are selling online these days. But how can you make sure you maximise your sales and hit your targets? The key issue is customer experience, so try out some of the tweaks suggested below.


Make sure you have a great website. That’s right an OK, website isn’t going to cut it!  You need a beautifully designed site that reflects the values of your company and the customer you are selling to. A stylish website that is user friendly is best. Remember to show your products in the best light is vital to maximise your sales.

Make sure that you include product reviews to encourage customer confidence. This can help those who are wavering, to make the decision to buy your product.


Your e-shop or shopping page needs to be super easy to use. The images need to be clear the descriptions need to be well written. Any product choice or customisation needs to be easy to select. Consider a live chat service for an instant way of dealing with any customer questions that arise. Having someone on hand to answer customer questions, can make all the difference in increasing the conversion rate of hits to sales.

Also, consider, giving your customers the chance to make a quick purchase without setting up a full account. But make sure your system still captures the email address for further marketing. Also, offer the option of paying via PayPal as many buyers prefer this for it speed and convenience.


 Increase Online Sales

Making sure that you’re online shop has security is paramount. Most consumers will not go anywhere near a shop that does not offer a security guarantee. The problem with security is that it can be cumbersome and take a lot of effort on the customer’s part to go through all the checks. This means you can lose customers who get frustrated with the process. Luckily there are new identity verification products out there that are quick and straightforward to use. Theses systems can verify your customer’s identity with a small amount of information, making sure the process of purchase is not interrupted, and you can secure your sale.


Search engine optimisation can help you increase your online sales because it drives traffic to your site. It’s a way of getting your products higher up the search rank in search engines. Good SEO is entertaining and informative. Anything that encourages people to share positive things about the product is also really useful. Think infographics, memes, funny pictures or offers on social media.

Postage and Returns

When buying online, postage and returns are a huge part of the buying process for the customer. The best option is to offer free postage and returns.  Surprisingly this can stop the customer hesitating over their purchase. Customers feel encouraged to make the purchases, even with products they are not 100% sure on, because they know they will not incur any costs to return it if it’s not to their satisfaction.



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