Four Types of Business That Thrive on Social Media


It’s no secret that the Internet has drastically changed the way business is done. From adding in different avenues for exposure to creating new ways to develop a brand, the web has become the number one marketing resource for a number of companies.

Within the scope of the Internet, more and more businesses are discovering the magic of social media. While practically every business has a reason to engage with customers and clients through social media, there are four specific types of industry that truly thrive on such platforms.

1. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is perhaps the most obvious to appear on this list. It is an industry that relies almost entirely on exposure, making it the perfect fit for social media.

The argument could even be made that social media has allowed for the dawning of a new type of celebrity entirely. People who would have otherwise led ordinary lives are finding fame on the internet by amassing large amounts of followers. That fame quickly translates to revenue as companies seek out and pay those with lots of followers to promote their own brands.

2. Health and Fitness

One commonality shared by all types of businesses that perform well on social media is their visual aspect. The health and fitness industry is no exception here. People looking to get fit are more likely to employ a particular trainer or nutritionist if they can see the results of doing so right in their newsfeed.

Quality photography and sports video production make it easy for even self-employed individuals working in health and fitness to quickly build a large client base. The ability to create and produce fitness oriented apps also contributes to success in this field.

3. Food

Whether you own a restaurant, publish recipes, or create instructional cooking videos, social media should be a key part of every culinary business’s marketing strategy.

Even in an indirect and passive sense, the food industry has grown through social media. You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a busy restaurant and not find people photographing their meals before taking the first bite to share on their personal social media pages. This is free marketing at its finest. A general recipe search on Pinterest will result in thousands of recipes that have been posted and reposted, resulting in an increase in the number of hits a particular page receives.

4. Real Estate

In the age of social media reviews, the real estate industry has this its stride. Potential clients can directly communicate with sellers and vice versa. An article in Forbes Magazine goes so far as to caution professionals in the real estate business against neglecting their social media presence.

The posting and sharing of multiple photos of a listing has given real estate agents the ability to publicize properties like never before. Furthermore, buyers have been given a tool that helps expedite the process of purchasing by giving a detailed look via virtual property tours.


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