Harness the Power of Persuasion with Greater Brand Influence


When your brand is influential, it can give you power. You’re able to make suggestions that people will listen to and perhaps even start new trends. Brand influence can be difficult to define and measure, though. You might not know how much influence you have over consumers or other businesses in your industry. Or perhaps you know you don’t have much influence, but you don’t know how to increase it. Boosting the influence of your brand and of you as a business person could be extremely beneficial, but you’ll need some good tactics to achieve it. Have a look at the following things you could be doing to improve your business influence.

Speak Up – And Know What You’re Talking About

Are there people who remember an article you wrote, a speech you gave, or just a smart point you made during a conversation? Are you known for raising your voice to give your opinion and getting involved whenever you can? If you tend to be hesitant about contributing to conversations, in every sense of the word, it could be time for you to speak up. People who lend their voice to discussions are often remembered, as long as they have something good to say. Maybe you can run a blog or sign yourself up to give some talks at conferences. You’re bound to have some knowledge to share and opinions to put out there too.


Greater Brand Influence

Build Your Contacts

A bumper book of contacts is a great way to improve your personal influence, as well as your brand’s influence. If you know the right people, you’ll be able to get your name heard in the right places. You might be able to secure opportunities for you and your business that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. But how can you build your contacts? Doing the above and speaking up more will have people wanting to know you. You can also network both online and offline, using things like LinkedIn or community business events. If you can call on someone for a favor when you need one, it could help your business get ahead

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a fantastic tool to improve your brand influence, particularly online. However, it’s not as easy to master as some people think it is. It can take a while to grasp how to really use it well and to develop the techniques that work for your brand. Some people really get it and can easily figure out how to get their audience to respond. Others need to spend more time figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It helps to measure some key metrics when measuring your social media impact. As well as your own influence on social media, you can also enlist other social media “influencers” to help you promote your brand. Make sure you choose the right platforms and the people whose audiences are closest to yours.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Boosting your communication skills can help you online and offline. And it’s not just you personally who could benefit from better communication skills, but anyone else who works for you too. Being able to communicate with a variety of people, from others in your industry to customers, helps to improve your business’s reputation and position.

Greater Brand Influence

Get Involved With Communities

Being an engaged brand will allow you to get involved with things that aren’t directly related to your business. It helps your brand by making sure you’re not constantly being all “me, me, me”. If you only ever talk about yourself, it can be difficult to connect with other people. You can increase your influence by getting involved with various community projects or good causes. This could include sponsoring a charity event or even giving a portion of your profits to a charitable cause.

Let Others Influence Your Brand

Another way to improve your brand influence is to let other influence your brand. If you let people get involved, they can take you more seriously. Let people have a say about your products or services and tell you what works and what doesn’t. Allow them to help you improve your brand so that you can raise your image and your influence. If you’re willing to respond to feedback, people are often more willing to listen to you in return. You can have more of a mutual relationship with each other.

Building your brand influence is good for your business and good for you too. Try these useful techniques to grow your influence.


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