How to Break Down Complex Processes


It can often be difficult for experts in various industries to communicate a complex process or concept to others. However, if a company fails to get their message across to a customer, client, or investor, they could damage their annual sales.

If you want to connect with an audience and simplify a difficult concept, read the following advice on how to break down complex processes. It could make a big difference to your brand, revenue, and profit margin.

Understand Your Audience

Effectively relay a message by getting to know your audience. If you want a customer to buy a complex product or want to explain in-depth business processes to a prospective investor, you must gain an understanding of their wants and needs.

For example, you must identify what’s most important to them, learn about their background, and find out what motivates them each day. It will help you to pick an effective angle, choose the right language, and use the perfect tone of voice.

For example, if you’re selling a complex business concept to an investor, you might be wise to focus on a product’s monetary value. Talk about the cost of production, market share, and the potential profit margin.

If you have a detailed knowledge of the person you’re marketing a process or product to, you’ll be able to identify the best way to explain it.

Avoid Industry Terminology

While you might believe using industry terminology could impress a potential customer or investor, it could cause confusion and frustration. For your audience to understand a concept or product, you need to skip the technical words, jargon, and acronyms, and stick with simple language.

If you do need to use industry terms to explain a complex process or product, try to offer a further explanation using simple language. Breaking down the information might be difficult, but it’s essential if you’re marketing to a customer or investor with no knowledge of your product or industry.

Create Entertaining Explainer Videos

Explainer videos not only help you to break down complex steps or products, but they can also grab your target audience’s attention. For example, Motion Giraffx, one of the finest animation studios in Texas, can create high-quality, entertaining explainer videos to complement your business, brand, and budget. It’s the perfect way to impress an investor or to break down steps for audiences on your website and/or via social media.

Make an Interesting Pitch

Pique your target audience’s attention by explaining a product or concept in an interesting way. For example, revealing key stats or facts could help you to secure or maintain a person’s interest. Plus, it encourages them to listen to what you have to say, which could help them to understand an idea or process.


Breaking down a complex process or product doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need to do is learn more about your target audience, choose your words wisely, and aim to market it in an entertaining, simplified manner, such as creating an animated explainer video or offering key facts and stats.


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