How to budget for a family business


One of the best and most rewarding ways to get into business is to do it with people you love, but to keep things clear and running smoothly you have to know how to budget for a family business.

Having a clear idea of how money is being used withing any business is essential, but when a family is involved it becomes vital, transparency plus order are some of the key ingredients to make a family business last and thrive.

The best thing about these guidelines on how to budget for a family business is, that they apply no matter the nature of your venture because numbers will be numbers, the same for a bakery than for a tailoring business.

After you have your idea, the name, and plan, you need to get started on how to budget for a family business immediately:

Separate and conquer

This aspect is going to be critical in your financial success as an entrepreneur, you must strive to separate your home budget from the business one.

Having financial security for your family is going to be a priority, so to make sure things like education, food, and health spending are safe, you must separate accounts.

Another thing to remember is that reinvesting in your family is going to pay off big time in the end, future plans to further education with or learning new skills will all improve the outlook of your business.

For this point, try to have these things:

  • Separate accounts
  • Unique budgets for each
  • A professional financial manager or advisor for your business
  • Off limit funds

Determine decision making

Depending on how many members of the family are involved in the business aspect, a choice will have to be made on the way decisions are made.

For many companies and families open voting with equal say, or granting more power to the highest shareholders, some even delegate all financial decision to one family member or an impartial outsider.

The most important thing here is that everyone is clear and accepting of the terms in which desitions are made, so that there are fewer disputes and the budget can be approved and executed quickly.

Necessities vs Investment

Business is always walking a fine line between what it needs to carry on and what it should invest in to expand.

Expenses for renting space, paying staff must be covered, but a business must also budget investment in tech tools, training, and even fun activities.

A family business budget that has both of these elements combined in a way that still brings in profit will have even more success in the long run.

Bing cheap in investing in your business will damage the quality of what is offered and hinder opportunities for growth.

The bottom line is the reward of a successful family business can exceed those of a solo venture because it will benefit those closest to you. Still, it requires hard work, a finesse in dealing with communications, firm decision making, and a willingness to learn to work with family.


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