How to cope with a toxic colleague


We’ve all heard the term toxic when referring to a person that seems to sap the energy out of the room with everything they say and do, but it can sometimes be difficult to spot whether a work colleague is being toxic, or if their criticism is given with good intentions. If you dread going to work and feel like a certain person, or people are constantly dragging you and the rest of the team down, you could be dealing with toxic colleagues. Discover how to spot a toxic colleague and how best to deal with them with these helpful tips.

They gossip

Did you think that the daily dose of gossip from a certain nosey somebody was just part and parcel of office life? Think again, because if someone is gossiping about others, chances are they are also gossiping about you. A person that spreads rumours, or even the truth, about colleagues may not be doing it to be intentionally malicious, but this kind of behaviour can make for a very toxic atmosphere. In a business, you are supposed to be working as a professional team, but if you are being fed information about others that is personal or reflects badly, then you may inadvertently react towards them differently, interfering with the group dynamic. The best way to cope with gossip is to make it clear that you have no interest in hearing about what people have been doing second-hand. At the first sign of this person trying to unload some gossip at your desk, politely, but clearly state that you don’t think it appropriate to be speaking about others in an office environment and that you don’t want to hear any more gossip from now on.

They are negative

According to this type of toxic colleague, they are over-worked, pay is bad, and the decisions being made by management are completely wrong. Rather than tackling these issues professionally and speaking with their manager, this colleague would prefer to moan about it to their colleagues. How can things be productive when you have someone constantly dragging down the morale of the office? As the saying goes, misery loves company, which is why these types of colleagues exist, but if you want to restore some positive energy into the office and into the team, this problem needs to be addressed. Suggest to this colleague that if they are unhappy with the way things are that they would be better speaking with their manager rather than with you, who has no control over the situation. You could also suggest that if the workplace is stressing them out then perhaps they should View Homepage of a site like Capitalotc.Com, saying its articles have helped you with ideas for stress relief in the workplace. If this friendly hint doesn’t work, then have a polite word with your manager and ask if they could speak with this colleague directly about the negative atmosphere that is being caused in the office.

They are jealous of your success

An ambitious person in the workplace is sometimes seen as a threat by those that harbour jealousy and think they deserve it more than you. You may find yourself being called an overachiever, or hear remarks about how you are making the rest of the team look bad by being so productive. As someone who wants to get ahead, you will need to ensure you continue doing the best in your role, and remember that it is your superiors that make the decisions about promotions, not your jealous colleague.





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