How to create a customer questionnaire

If you are a new or existing business owner looking for advice on how to create a customer questionnaire then the following guide provides advice on what to include and how to get started.

Whether conducting market research for a new business venture or collating data on current customer satisfaction, the questionnaire is a valuable feedback tool. It allows businesses to find out what their customers really think of their products and services. Carrying out regular customer surveys can also provide the opportunity to continually improve your products whilst building better customer loyalty.

A questionnaire is a great way to approach customers in a non-threatening manner. In such a competitive marketplace, finding out how your customers rate your products can help you keep your customers happy and turn them into brand advocates.

Ever wonder what customers are saying about you? Want to improve customer loyalty? Would great online reviews help your business? In a competitive marketplace, it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think. Online customer satisfaction surveys give you the feedback you need to keep customers happy and turn them into brand advocates.

How to create a customer questionnaire

1. Why Collect Customer Feedback?

It is important for any business to find out exactly what their customers like and dislike. Obtaining feedback from your customers can help you make improvements to your products and services. This can be a great way to evaluate customer opinions on your prices, products and customer service.

Questions to be answered

  • What do customers think of our products or services?
  • How do customers rate our prices, just right, too high?
  • How good is our customer service?
  • How do customers rate our overall customer experience?
  • What improvements could we make?

How to create a customer questionnaire2. Reasons for creating a customer questionnaire?

  • Measuring product or service performance

Questionnaires can be employed to measure the performance of your product or services. Find out why customers use your services and why other customer don’t. By finding out the reasons why customers don’t use your products or services, you can create strategies to win them back.

  • Collecting product feedback

Surveys and questionnaires can assist business owners to collect valuable feedback from customers who have purchased one of their products. Many online retail companies regularly conduct customer feedback to help improve features or design floors.

  • Developing new products

Test the market for new product opportunities. Customer satisfaction surveys will allow you to identify new opportunities for new products. Find out what customer needs are not being met and design or improve a product that fills the gap.

  • Measuring customer loyalty

Find out who your loyal customers and influencers are. They can be the answer to what is working well and by getting them to complete a survey, you can continue to keep their loyalty. Reward schemes and incentives can also be a great way to reward your brand champions. Some of the most successful brands will capture customer feedback from regular brand users and utilise this information to create better marketing campaigns. If you know what is working well then why not market this to other potential customers.

  • Improving the customer experience

Drive regular communication through regular customer satisfaction surveys. Remind your customers that you are there and that you appreciate their feedback. Find out what they would like to see improved and offer loyalty schemes and rewards for their time and effort.

Conducting a survey can act as a reminder that you’re there and that you value their business. Create Polls to measure how your customers view their experience, find out what suggestions they might have, and consider offering loyal customers rewards for the efforts and loyalty.

  • Market research

Conducting market research can be a great way to research potential markets. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to grow in a new area, surveys can be a great way to conduct market research. Find out more about your market area and your potential customers so you can ensure that your product meets their needs before it is launched.

  • Setting and reviewing performance goals

Using the valuable data from customer questionnaires can help drive revenue and continually improve your customer satisfaction. Happy customers equals greater customer satisfaction which will help drive sales and profit. Review the data regularly and set performance goals and targets so you can compare results to see how you have improved.

3. How to create a customer questionnaire

How to create a customer questionnaire

  • Ensure your questions are set in a logical order so each question follows on to the next. This will help the questionnaire to be natural to the reader and assist with completion.
  • Make sure the survey has clear sections so the questions you are clearly defined
  • Have an introduction to the survey outlining why you are conducting the survey
  • Introduce rewards or prizes for completing the survey to encourage participation
  • Explain what the survey results will be used for and when and where these will be published
  • Generally people like to be asked for their opinion. Putting (Your opinion matters to us) on the survey can help to increase uptake and show that you care about peoples opinion
  • Layout, design, colors and presentation of surveys are very important. Decide what method of presentation works best. Boxed sections is recommended as it makes the survey look less daunting to complete. Online survey tools such as survey monkey have provisional layouts that are proven to work best.
  • Consider the best method for distributing your survey. By hand, post or email. Companies such as survey monkey can complete online surveys and distribute via email lists. By hand can be more personal though you will need to organise collection.