How to design a property brochure


A property brochure can help with selling a house or a flat. It can also be used by companies to sell former premises or by an estate agent that is about to sell a development, such as a building which is need of repair. Although a professionally designed brochure can be chosen, it can also be created. When a design company is hired, it will look very impressive. Whatever option is chosen, here is how to design a brochure that can help with selling a property:

Take photographs

The photographs which are in a brochure can make a difference between whether there is a lot of interest in a property or not. Before taking photographs, survey the building in its entirety. When photographs highlight the best areas of a building, more people are bound to be interested in buying it. The opposite happens when photographs don’t highlight its best features. If a brochure is being put together for a residential property, it should have photographs of communal areas and its kitchen. The same also applies to if a property has a garden because images of it should be in a brochure.

Upload photos to a template

Many websites that specialise in designing brochures for properties have a considerable number of templates. When a template has been chosen, upload photographs so that they are sporadically placed in the brochure. The process for doing so is relatively easy. If a computer or laptop has a fast internet connection, scores of photos can be uploaded very quickly.

Choose colours

The pages of a brochure should have the same design as each other. If one page has a different colour than others, it won’t make a strong impression on the person who is reading it. The same logic applies to the text which is in a brochure. If the text on one page is red but green on others, a brochure will look unprofessional.

Create a rough draft

Before a brochure is printed, create a first draft. No matter how many times a brochure is proofread when it is still on a computer or a laptop, any mistakes will be noticed when a physical copy is made. To avoid additional expense, print a brochure using black ink. If a full colour version is printed, this can cost a lot of money due to the amount of ink that is used.

Select a type of paper

A property brochure should be printed onto a high quality type of paper. If flimsy paper is printed onto, it won’t make the right first impression. This is largely because it seems that who is selling a property doesn’t care about its production. A professional design company typically uses strong paper; decent paper can also be bought from a shop on the high street. In fact, purchasing several packs of high quality paper could only be slightly more than others which cost the least amount of money. Therefore, buying good quality paper doesn’t have to be expensive.




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