How to determine emotional Intelligence when conducting interviews


People are the successful building blocks for any company. The company’s culture will depend greatly on the people hired. Interview questions can be a key factor for finding the right calibre of employees. Candidate’s answers to interview questions will be key to finding and recruiting the most suitable candidates.

Emotional intelligence is strongly linked to success in the workplace. When interviewing, emotional intelligence of candidates should be a crucial when vetting and selecting candidates.

Below are some key questions that can stimulate candidates to give you an accurate overview of their emotional intelligence.

  1. Who are you inspired by and why?

This question will show who the candidate models themselves after. This also provides an insight into behaviour patterns that the candidate may be inspired by or respect.

  1. What would be the most important 3 values that you want to have in your own company?

Typical values that companies would want to have displayed by their workforce would be passion, integrity, responsibility and can do attitude. This question will allow an insight into a person’s priorities and values such as honesty and integrity. Remember solid relationships are based of trust and similar values.

  1. What skills to you feel you need to improve

Finding out the strengths and weaknesses of prospective candidates is normally a key priority during the interview process. This type of question will provide an insight into what the candidate wants to get better at. It also shows that they are looking to improve themselves and continue to learn showing ambition, commitment and motivation. Candidates who struggle to answer this question may already think they know it all.

  1. If priorities in a business were to change, how would you help your team understand and deliver these new goals?

In todays, business world, adapting to change is a key factor that will determine success. Successful candidates should be flexible and susceptible to change. Ideal candidates would be those who are self aware and motivated whilst also displaying empathy.

  1. What three factors would you say have helped you be successful in previous jobs

Remember there is no I in Team! When answer this question, does the candidate talk about themselves or about the team. Team players are crucial to successful companies so look for candidates who can bring something positive to your company. People who are more concerned with their own success and not the company’s will not be the right fit.

  1. Did you build lasting friendships while working at previous jobs?

A telltale sign of emotion intelligence is building lasting relationships. This question will show you if the candidate cares about people and if relationships are important to the person.


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