How to Improve Client Satisfaction


Client satisfaction: it’s one of the most important aspects of any service-based business. You aren’t just offering them a product, after all, but a service, and most services by their very nature require an ongoing relationships. You may be hired for one job, but wow them and exceed their every expectation and they will return to you again and again.

You aren’t a product, you are the provider of solutions. People don’t like having to find new solutions. It’s a gamble every time, which means that securing and wowing a client is more likely to turn into repeat business than securing and wowing a customer.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, or what solution you provide. If you follow this guide you will be able to create meaningful relationships with your clients and secure ongoing work from them, whenever they need you.

Listen and Hear Them – Then Adjust as You Go

First things first: you need to really take on what your client/customer wants. This can be difficult, because sometimes their goals and their methods won’t line up. You need to work with them to get to the source of what their goals are and what they want from your service, and then work to convince them of the way that you think would be best to get them there. This can require give and take. Sometimes it will require showing them the wrong thing, to get them to see the better option. Take it all in stride. Never, ever make your client feel like you aren’t listening to them.

Keep Them Updated on Progress

It can take a while to get projects rolling, but that doesn’t mean that you should ever make it hard for them to see that progress going. Project management and workflow solutions make this simple and easy. All they need to do is log in and see where your team is at and what else needs to be done. It cuts out the necessity of keeping in touch with you, as they can monitor your progress passively and at their own leisure. You should agree a timeline at the outset and milestones along the way to achieving the ultimate goal. Clients can then expect a series of regular deadlines leading up to the final deadline.

Invite Them in on the Review Process

The other benefit of workflow software is that it makes it easy to not just keep up to date with progress, but to also review and approve of the work done. You don’t want to just send them the final marketing plan or materials when you are done, you want them to feel they are part of the process and that they are informed throughout the entire project journey.

Options like ProofHub allow for this, but you need to make sure that the solution you choose allows you to fully customize each project workflow and, most importantly, can be integrated into other solutions. This is how you offer a seamless experience to your clients, so look to their top competitor in workflow proofing instead for a quality workflow proofing software that ticks all the boxes.

Always Aim to Provide Additional Value

Stagnate, and die. To avoid this stagnation, always aim to improve the value that you offer. This could be by increasing the services that you offer, or it could be by improving your systems or bringing on new, great talent. The solution you pick to improve value for your clients will depend entirely on your industry and business, but do remember to always invest in providing a more robust service to keep clients happy.

Train Your Teams

Client satisfaction is similar to customer satisfaction, except that you have a longer time to wow them and convince them that they have made the best decision to use your services. Don’t waste this opportunity. Instead train your teams, keep them updated on your progress, listen and exceed their expectations, and always, always try to develop new ways to entice them to hire you again and again.

Everyone on your team should be trained in how to talk to and work with your clients. Just as it benefits your business to train every employee on customer service, it is also beneficial to train them on client service. Courtesy, communication, and respect go a long way, so train your employees and reap the benefits.

Lastly, think of clients like business partners, never as customers. Customers come back to buy, clients return for you.



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