How to Make Your Business More Welcoming


As a business owner, you must make sure people want to come into your shop/offices so you can keep making sales and getting new customers and clients. While marketing and clever promotional tactics are the main way to do this, you should also consider how you can make your office/shop more welcoming to those who walk through the doors. By creating a friendly atmosphere while maintaining your professionalism, you will help people feel at ease and more confident in your business. Here are some tips on how you can make your business more welcoming.


The first thing that comes to mind when considering how to make an office or shop feel more welcoming would be the general décor. Cold, clinical tones of paint and dreary furnishings are not going to inspire a warm and friendly atmosphere, so it could be time to give your office or shop a make-over if that’s how it looks now. You must pick a theme that creates some warmth, but also maintains a professional essence. Make sure you invest in some comfortable furniture, tasteful art prints to hang on the walls, and perhaps even add some plant life to your office.

Offer Visitors Beverages on Arrival

Whether it’s a client or someone coming in for a job interview, you want to make a good impression. A great way to do this is by being attentive to them, even something as simple as offering them a cup of tea or coffee on arrival will achieve this. If you want to go the extra mile, have some chocolates or nice biscuits at hand to go with their hot drink, or keep cold beverages in the fridge for hotter days.

Do You Have Wheelchair Access?

Most shops and offices have this in place, but if you’re situated in a building that doesn’t have good wheelchair access think about resolving this issue. You might have to speak with the building manager, or if you own the property that you’re working from, taking this project on yourself. Terry Lifts are a good example of a company that specializes in domestic and commercial lifts and they could offer you more advice and quality products to help you make your office accessible to wheelchair users.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Another tip for making your business more welcoming is by adjusting your working hours. You might have your shop or office open from 9-5, but how does that help your customers that work during those hours themselves? By opening a little earlier, or staying open later into the early evening, you will be able to make sales or provide services to customers at times that might be more convenient to them.

Train Staff in Customer Service

Finally, one thing that will affect your sales whether you work in a shop or office, is how your staff interact with customers. Even if they aren’t working directly in customer service, make sure your staff have efficient training on how they are expected to talk to customers and clients. Happy customers will not only keep coming back, but they’ll tell all their friends to use your business, too.

Keep customers satisfied and make your business more welcoming with these top tips.


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