How to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign for Mobile


With competition in pretty much all industries at an all-time high, business owners have been forced to spend even more on advertising. In fact, more and more are considering revolutionary advertising strategies such as Talking Ads Machine Learning Algorithms.

Budget allowing, you should start thinking about such options too. But, if like most other SMBs you’re walking a tightrope, at least for now, you can also just focus on improving your AdWords campaign.

In any case, Google AdWords guarantees a return on investment of $2 for every $1 spent. Additionally, AdWords boosts brand awareness and can help establish you as an authority in your industry. If you can optimize your ads for mobile, you stand a chance of reaping big from your campaign.

Below, we discuss several tips to optimize your ads for mobile as you strive to beat the competition;

  • Create dedicated mobile ads

A dedicated mobile ad essentially means that the ad should have a limited number of words and very light images. Too many words can be confusing while heavy images tend to slow down load times.

To this end, keep your keywords to a minimum and shorten the phrases if necessary.  Google will bold the matching words anyway. So, what you need to focus on is finding the exact phrases that mobile users are likely to enter in the search bar.

Creating dedicated ads for mobile devices ensures that your messages are delivered in the best possible way. You won’t have situations where texts appear over images or where some images can’t be displayed altogether.

  • Use mobile bid modifiers

Simply put, mobile bid modifiers allow you to modify your mobile campaign bids by a fraction of your desktop bid. For example, if you average desktop bid for a certain category of items is $3, you can modify your mobile bid to 50% of that.

You’ll need to be careful though. Low bids used to be the way to go on mobile devices back in the day when PC advertising ruled. But, that has changed. And, Google have adjusted their algorithms to reflect the changes. A low bid may, therefore, no longer get you a lot of quality impressions.

One way around this is to begin by bidding the same amount for both mobile and PC campaigns. Then, wait until you have sufficient data to adjust the bids accordingly.

  • Design mobile landing pages

This is a mistake a lot of businesses make when advertising on mobile. You cannot direct mobile users to a PC landing page. If you do, everything could go wrong: forms might not be displayed properly, CTAs might not display, and so forth.

To avoid such issues after working tirelessly on your mobile advertising campaign, you need to go the extra mile and create dedicated mobile landing pages. This way, users clicking on your ads on mobile will be taken to special landing pages, optimized for their screens.

On the same note, you need either an optimized or a dedicated mobile website for a mobile marketing campaign. Fortunately, you can easily tweak an existing website to optimize it for mobile devices.

  • Consider call extensions

A key advantage of mobile ads over PC advertising is the fact that mobile users can click on a link on the internet to make an instant phone call. PC users can make IP calls too, but mobile users can make calls directly from their phone numbers.

To take advantage of this opportunity, mobile advertisers are encouraged to add their business numbers to their ads so that interested consumers can “click to call” without leaving the page.

There are two types of call extension to choose from. The first kind is where you have just the phone number. It’s an excellent investment if you have someone waiting to answer any calls. The second, and more common type, is where you have both the call link and a link to your landing page. The choice is yours.

  • Invest in expanded text ads

In January 2017, Google introduced a new AdWords feature known as Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). Many experts consider it to be the biggest change to the AdWords model since its inception nearly 18 years ago.

Basically, ETAs are 2X bigger and make it possible to add more keywords to standard ads without incurring extra costs. Instead of sticking to just one line of keywords, you can add three or even four words to the ad copy to make your ads stand out.

The even better thing about ETAs is that they are supported on both mobile and PC! Yes, with ETAs, you don’t have to design ads for your PC campaign separately. Talking about hitting two bird with one stone!

Now, Over to You

Why not begin implementing these tips today. Most of them should yield results within a couple of months. Alternatively, take a look at Talking Ads Marketing Management Services to see if it could be the solution.


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