How to Plan Your Annual Work Conference in Three Easy Steps


Planning a conference that will put your skills and imagination on display for hundreds of individuals from your company and others within your industry to see is no easy task. But that pressure isn’t something to suffer – it’s something to help you strive to make your annual conference as successful as possible.

That’s what you’ll learn from reading through this handy guide: how to plan and execute your work conference with the best strategies for making the event go off with a bang.

The Theme

Many conferences have a theme. For instance, if yours is a cybersecurity conference, you might be addressing new threats in the cybersecurity world – and your title will reflect this. If you’re a company that deals with politics and society, you may well have a title that reflects the recent events within society that have been interesting to your particular group.

The theme is important for more than the topical nature of your conference, though: it’s important for the branding, the marketing, and the invites to the conference.

It’s also going to be important, post-conference, for the video montages and other production elements that you share with guests. So coming down on a specific theme to run with as you plan your conference is an important starting point.

The Venue

Now it’s time to look at the most important part of your conference: where it will be held. This is a largely practical decision, which should take into account the location of the stakeholder you’d most like to attend the conference, and how long your conference will be taking place for. Many conferences range over a number of days, which means that your conference ought to have accommodation facilities included.

Happily, there are many hundreds of options where conference venues are concerned. You need only look online to search through some of the most exciting large venues in the whole of Australia. Find a conference venue Adelaide, for instance, with sprawling grounds and some of the country’s most exquisite views, directly accessible from the conference rooms. Such venues will give your conference a touch of class.

Unique Touches

Now that you have some of the building blocks of your conference set up and ready to roll, it’s time to concentrate on the smaller, yet equally important, elements that will make your conference one to remember. You don’t want your conference to go down as a bore, and something that people dragged their heels through until they could go home: you want it to be electric with energy and excitement.

It’s entirely up to you as to what you add to the mix to make your conference a little more exciting. Some choose to have a live band perform every night, while others choose to intersperse the talks and speeches with performances and art. Whatever you do, ensure that there’s something for everyone who attends. On this note, do make sure that your conference is disabled-friendly, and inclusive of all dietary requirements.

These you have it: some simple and elegant tips to help you plan the next conference that you and your company will be hosting.


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