How to use Instagram effectively for your Business


1. Create Clear Goals

As with most social media platforms being used to market businesses, it is important to have a clear goal. This may be aimed at driving brand awareness, app installations or website visitors. Adverts and marketing on Instagram should align to your campaign goals. Remember you also need connect with followers for campaigns on instagram to be effective. Check this post on how to gain more instagram followers.

2. Get your audience to engage with your brand

Hashtags are great now a great way to drive social media campaigns whether through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Research by Twitter has shown that using a hashtag wisely can double user engagement. If running a marketing campaign on Instagram them your hashtag should reflect you campaign. Nike has been exceptionally great at this with numerous campaigns such as #runfree and #findgreatness being successful marketing campaigns driven through social media platforms. The clear objective was to gain marketing awareness around inspiring people to enjoy fitness. Campaigns around their running shoes are particularly creative. For inspiration check these great digital marketing campaigns from Nike. Instagram is the perfect platform for running campaigns around actionable hashtags and building and engaging with online communities. As Instagram is visual, well contracted campaigns can successfully help to get your audience to engage with your brand. Get creative on your instagram page with a hashtag that will drive engagement.




3. Maximise your Brands Identity

Your brand needs a recognisable identity. Ensure that you have brand consistency across your campaigns. Focus on colour palettes and photography styles that are identifiable which Nike does to maximum effect. Ensure that your business is recognisable to your audience. Instagram is the platform for engagement but your brand is what potential customers and followers will recognise.

Mcdonalds instagram

mcdonalds instagram

4. Connect with your followers but stay true to your identity

Like any business trying to attract customers, you need to ensure that that you are thinking about your customers. An important part any digital marketing strategy is to identify your buyer personas and create online campaigns aimed at targeting them. Fining put why your target audience is on instagram in the first place. How many instagram users have images and photos of food? It is actually one the top themes on Instagram. You may not sell food or run a restaurant but maybe you sell kitchen utensils. Target followers sharing great pictures of food. So you can now post mouth watering pictures of food may be great desserts such as waffles. This is relevant to what you are selling. Post a great picture of a waffle and then underneath. Delicious yes? Would you like to make your own? You get the idea. Hashtags and a great campaign around waffles, toppings, unique flavours, get your audience to post their own pictures. Of course your strategy is to sell your waffle maker. Simple really when you sit back and think about it.


5. Be Creative

Make sure your adverts are well crafted which will help your campaigns be more successful on Instagram. Creativity is very important and Instagram is of course the ideal platform for drawing people into your brand. Spend time on Instagram looking at other companies and businesses and see how they are running campaigns.


6. Promote Instagram Successfully

Like with all social media pages, make sure that you market you’re your site with social media icons on your website. Connect icons to you social media pages. If customers want to see visual pictures of your products then using the instagram logo will be a great way to keep your customers engaged. Use Facebook to connect with your friends on instagram by promoting your instagram channel to those who you know. Make sure you run any instagram campaigns across your social network channels. Having your instagram page in your email signature is another great way to get yourself noticed. If your imstagram page is enticing then the rest is easy and you will soon find that you have more followers.


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