The Importance of Social Media in the Hiring Process


The ways in which job seekers and employers interact has changed significantly due to the rapidly-growing popularity of social media. Today’s recruitment process works differently, with a shift towards ’in-house’ recruiters who can, with just a few clicks, tap into a global pool of potential candidates. In the past, finding those with the right experience and qualifications was a time-consuming and complicated process.

During the period of job shortage and global recession, this change has facilitated the hiring process for many business leaders. In today’s job search and hiring process, social media is a key player. As many as half of all job seekers (globally) are active on social media platforms on a daily basis, and a third of all employers use them in their search for the best potential candidates. So, the importance of social media in the business world cannot be stressed enough.

Two-way transparency

With the half of job applicants saying that they are active on social media, you need to get on the train or be left behind. These platforms allow us to find out more about the candidate prior to the selection process, thus helping employers to filter out potentially unpleasant surprises in the hiring process. A lot of hiring managers tend to reconsider their choice of a job candidate when they learn more about them on social media. How a potential recruiter perceives a job applicant is today influenced by how the candidate presents themselves, the style of communication, the attitude they show, as well as the content they post.

Candidate search

Social Media

This is the reason why LinkedIn made a huge progress so quickly. Employers can leverage social media to search for potential candidates. LinkedIn users usually feature their CV or resume on their profile page, and with some smart searching, employers can screen the potential candidates who even haven’t applied for a particular job position. Another use of social media for recruiting is screening applicants. Employers can now do a quick search of potential candidates and have a peek at their social life and activities they engage in. Are they outgoing and extroverted? Or more introverted, which might be what you are looking for?

Create an account on social media and build your brand

By creating an account on social media, such as LinkedIn, you can make it easier for passive job-seekers to find out about an open position in your company. Create an account, post about job openings, make it public, add a hashtag, and people will begin to respond to your post. Complete your profile and develop a strong brand on social media, because nobody pays attention to a company with a bad reputation. Being confident on social media and posting the great content is crucial. If you have any doubts about your next step, you should consult a professional, such as this brand agency from Melbourne. Do not show uncertainty or hesitation, you might lose your audience.

The downside of the story

Even though the market is rich with candidates, professional and high-caliber employees are still hard to find. The market is flooded with thousands of resumes, and what you need in order to find employees who can add value to your company is a deep understanding of the business, your sector, the intricacies of the open position, and years of recruiting experience. Also, passive candidates are considered to be the best, while the use of social media networking for finding jobs is primarily used by active candidates who are looking for a new role (for one reason or another).

However, when compared to traditional employment methods, social media provides numerous work opportunities. You can use your social networking profile to link with hundreds of people and build a great contact list through which you can get information about new job opportunities.


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