Inside Out: Why the Outside of Your Business Is Just as Important as the Inside


When it comes to promoting your brick and mortar store, the most effective form of advertising is to appeal to foot traffic. Using online promotions can work, but do you really expect people to travel from halfway across the country just to visit your store? Absolutely not! They would prefer to order online from you and wait a couple of days for the item to arrive.

So if online promotions don’t work, how about local promotions? Newspaper advertisements and listing yourself in a local directory can work, but let’s face it—do you read a newspaper for advertisements and local listings? Probably not. There are more useful forms of local advertising such as flyers and posters, but no one likes to be handed a useless piece of paper while they’re on their way to work or to find their mailbox full of takeout menus and flyers. So how do you advertise and draw people in? By making your business look attractive!

BusinessLocation is important

Before you build up a business, take extra care by considering your location. If you want a lot of foot traffic, then consider getting a location that is close to a city centre, transportation or busy streets. If you can’t afford these locations, then you’ll need to make a compromise and try to divert foot traffic to your desired location. Another thing to note is how many competitors you have in the area. If you don’t have many rivals, then you’re sure to get a decent amount of business. However, if you are opening a bookstore and there are already several close to you, then you should try to offer niche products or choose a different area.

Make your business inviting

The most straightforward way to get more foot traffic and customers is to make your business look more attractive. You can accomplish this with bright glowing signs, custom fabric banners, and moving some of your goods or furniture outdoors. For example, if you own a cafe or restaurant you can consider placing some tables outside so that when people choose to eat outdoors, the smell of your food and the sight of your meals will attract more people.

Window displays

You’ve probably heard of the term window shopping and perhaps you’ve done it a couple of times yourself. If you make wonderful window displays which show beautiful products and incredible sales, you are more likely to draw in foot traffic. This is because people that don’t know about your store probably won’t go inside to look at your wares, hence why it’s very important to put some of your most popular products in the window to attract people and draw them in.

Decorate the outside

Depending on what type of business you operate, you could plant some flowers outside, keep plant pots around, have a portable sign that advertises your products—the list is endless! Focus on decorations that resonate with your business. For example, if you have a flower shop, then put out some of your best flowers and keep them in lovely plant pots.


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