Job Searching Tips that Will Help You Find a Job Faster


Most people set out on a job search with high hopes, positive energy, and a good amount of optimism, but all too often the mood changes as you see just how difficult finding a job can be. In general, experts have suggested that it takes about one month of actively searching to find $10,000 worth of the paycheck. When you do the math, that means you’re looking at five long months of job searching to land a position that pays $50,000 a year.

If the idea of searching for five months makes your stomach turn, then you’re going to want to take a look at these job searching tips that can help make the process easier and faster.

Read the Descriptions Carefully

One of the biggest mistakes job searchers make is applying to jobs that either don’t fit their skills or experience. In reality, this ends up being a large waste of your time. Sure, you may be hired without the proper education or experience, but chances are the employer will pick a candidate that better suits the job description.

If there is a job that you come across that interests you and there isn’t a lot of information about it in the listing, then you can search the job descriptions wiki page for more details. You can read descriptions, outlooks, and qualifications for such popular jobs as an insurance agent, brand manager, network engineer, and so much more. This will help ensure that you’re applying for jobs that match your skills.

Revamp Your Resume and Cover Letter

Let’s face it, first impressions count when it comes to job hunting, so that means you need to have a stellar resume and cover letter to impress employers. Yours needs to stand out from the competition and be memorable. One tip is to make sure you have customized your resume and cover letter to fit each job you apply for. Rather than just send out a generic resume and cover letter, make sure you highlight points that relate specifically to what the employer is looking for.

Get Out and Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to not only build up your experience but also meet valuable contacts in the industry. You can see what the job would be like, figure out if it’s right for you, and make an impression on those you are working with.

Put the Word Out

Another tip is to be vocal with friends, family, and industry contacts you know. Tell them you are actively seeking a job. Word of mouth can take you pretty far in the job search and provide you with the inside scoop on job openings. Nowadays, there is a lot emphasis on online searching, and while it’s important to be searching online, networking in person is often very effective.

Be Proactive in Your Search

There is a lot that can be said about patience, but when it comes to searching for a new job it’s all about being proactive in your search.


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