How to Keep Up with Technology in Your Startup


Starting a new business venture is an exhausting but exciting time. You have spent time honing your business plan, finding ways to collaborate with established businesses, and your product or service is something that you are, quite rightly, very proud of. Now is the time to get the ball rolling and get the customers to come knocking at your door.

Times have changed though, and those customers are not physically knocking on your door; instead, they are accessing your business information by digital means, and so you must be on the technology ball to keep their interest high and loyal to you, and not your competitors.

Your Website

Your website is the first port of call for your customers. Keeping this in mind, you need to have your website designed in such a way that your potential customers can easily navigate around it to find the information that they want. You have a matter of seconds from the moment they access your site to capture their interest. Not only is this almost a matter of courtesy to your audience to have an engaging website, but it is imperative to meet search engines’ ranking algorithms. If visitors don’t stay on your page, the search engine assumes that the page is of poor quality and not meeting the audience’s requirements.

Your website must provide content that its audience wants to view. It must also be easy to navigate; but have you thought about how your audience views your site? Most people access websites via their smartphones, and this is something that your website must take into consideration if you wish it to achieve the maximum effect. Your site will soon be ranked on how mobile-friendly it is – user experience is key to having a successful website for your business.


How to Increase Your Audience

The very obvious way to increase the audience numbers of your website is to harness the use of social media. You need to understand the demographics of your customers and choose the most relevant platform that they use.

Instagram enables you to show your business in creative images that will develop and support your brand. Showcase your company culture and develop a sense of community between you and your customers. The personal touch is always appreciated, and your audience will respond. Use your collaborations to hashtag to their customers. Instagram is a great way to access a huge audience. Build anticipation and preview offers. You want your Instagram account to translate into wallet-opening transactions, so how do you do this?

Develop an app that provides customers with incentives to spend: offer discounts and special offers, sneak peaks of collections. A loyalty scheme for app subscribers is one way to encourage spending. Make sure that the app is up to the job, as you do not want negative reviews to discourage future customers from downloading it. You need to have your app tested within an inch of its life so that its quality matches your brand, Global App Testing is a necessity rather than a luxury.

The advancements in technology are happening at a pace that can feel almost impossible to keep up with, but for your business to advance and grow you must. By making sure that your technology is up to speed, not only with download times but with the ever-changing algorithms that search engines use for ranking websites, you are opening the door to success.




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