A “Key” Part: The Future Of App Development


Looking at it from any perspective, the online presence is the most vital part of our business landscape now. In business, it’s the key to everything we do and everything we sell. For some businesses, the app is the business and not just part of the marketing. The app takes up a big part of our lives now, and as the majority of the world communicates via their smartphones, it makes great business sense to have the app at the forefront of any marketing campaign, strategy, or product. So, what’s the future of this technological tool?

Increased Interaction

For any business, the end to end experience is the key, and with more interaction, the app is going to become an even more integrated part of how we buy products and work with customers. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction has always been a no-no, but blurring the lines between reality and virtual reality? Well, that’s something else. So, what does this mean for how you promote your product? Well, for those businesses that can only create an app that has the quality of Flappy Bird, they’re going to have to work harder.

More Focus

A key part of any business is stripping away the fat and focusing on what works and makes a profit. This is something where apps can tend to fall down, and while it’s tempting to throw the kitchen sink at an app to show what you’re really capable of it will only succeed in mass confusion. Business is all about being simple and direct, and this needs to be communicated to the app makers. If you have an IT support operating without a clear brief in how to help the computer support and network maintenance, it will make for a confusing period while the app finds its feet. Instead, go in with a clear and focused idea, and remember, less is more.

Being Easier To Use

User-friendliness has been part of the success of any app, but making it easier to use as part of your everyday life is another level. The lines between virtual reality and reality are where the app will become indispensable, and by making it part of your everyday activities, it will be the way to make a mark with your business. For example, using your smartphone and having an app that projects images onto a wall, so you can see photos and videos are the next steps from viewing images on your television.

It Becomes Personal

It’s pretty much a part of our lives in how we use social media; an app is easier to use, and it uses up less data than by going online. So by becoming more interactive in a personal way, it doesn’t promote the app as just a tool, it is the bridge between being online and being in the real world. Argodesign created a digital interface where you can project images onto a surface and touch the surface instead of the device! It’s completely plain to see that the future is now and apps will only improve and become more applicable to our lives.



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