Killer Software That Will (Help) Make Your Business Unstoppable!


Your business should have employees and computers. If you’re telling me that your business doesn’t have one of these things, then I’m going to be surprised (and confused). In any case, having both the physical labor and the powerful hardware isn’t always enough. You need something that will help the two communicate and work better together. I’m talking, of course, about software.

We’re going to take a look at some software suggestions you should take into serious consideration. Some of them require payment, but some of them are completely free. If you want to stay ahead in the business game, the right software is going to help you do it.

Project management

Project management services streamline the entire project management process. And if you’re not performing this process properly and efficiently, then you risk derailing the entire thing! The right project management software should ensure that any question an employee has about the process can be easily answered via a quick glance. Who made this decision? How long until this task is done?  Is my task currently blocked? What are the deadlines? The aim of the game here is to ensure that tasks are cataloged in a clear and interactive way. Find out more at



To assume that accountants don’t need any software is to make a big mistake. Don’t just hand them a calculator and a spreadsheet and assume they’ll be good to go! Keeping all your accounting documents in a filing cabinet that’s about to burst isn’t ideal, nor is it safe. There is a lot of accounting software out there, but the closest to an industry standard is Quickbooks. Some may prefer something a bit more intricate. But it’s very user-friendly, and can be used to interact with and customize a bunch of financial elements. It can be used to streamline the process of making checks, for example. Read more at

Content management

Your business has a website. (…right?) Your website needs content, be it in the form of a blog or other means. This isn’t really something you can wriggle out of; you need employees who can handle this side of things! To streamline the process for them, you need a good content management system (a CMS). You probably know about WordPress, which is available as a web service and as installable software. Any CMS you look at should have an offline option for ease of use and accessibility. Read more about CMSs at



Communication is key, right? So you need to streamline this process across the office – something that is easily done using software. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m referring to instant messaging and voice chat services. Emails can be a bit too formal and time-consuming. You could use an office-wide standard, like Skype. But many people might prefer to use various chat software: Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live, etc. You can actually consolidate all of these channels to facilitate access through one piece of software. Read more at


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