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The advance of smartphones has totally changed the world of business. In the not too distant future, it’s expected that mobile advertising will become the most profitable form of the lot. Add to this the fact that phones are now the most commonly used device to access the internet. It’s no wonder than businesses of all variety are deciding to invest in app technology. Significantly easier to use and more affordable than their web counterparts, if people can access a site through an app, they are more likely to do so. Some people now entrust every aspect of their lives to apps from buying groceries to finding their soulmate.

If you are not sure whether or not your business should invest in an app, here are just a few reasons why apps are leading the pack.

Brand Reinforcement

Nowadays, people have much shorter attention spans and brand loyalty is an increasingly difficult thing to achieve. Once an app has been downloaded onto a client’s phone, it is likely that it will be there for a significant period of time. Not only this, you can use the push notification system to remind customers of your presence, informing the of any offers or promotions that you are currently having, or telling them any other information that you think is of importance. If people have never heard of your business before, they may well discover it through the app store. In a world where businesses are all shouting for attention, apps are just another way of getting your voice heard.


The beauty of apps is that they are straightforward to use. The best of them only have one or two main functions but they keep people coming back time and time again. When you are creating an app, it forces you to boil your business down into its simplest form. What exactly is the main message that you are looking to get across to customers? All that time ago when you were creating your business, you probably had to think about that when you were writing your initial business plan. Apps show you how the best ideas are the simplest.

Advertising Potential

As already mentioned, companies are now turning to apps as a way of getting their message across. App advertising and programmatic media are fast becoming big business, so now is the time to get involved. Even if your app is not yet big enough to have advertising of its own, you could still jump on the back of other people’s successful apps as a way of getting your own business recognised.

Increasing Potential

Smartphone technology shows no signs of slowing down, offering you the possibility of adding functionality to your app that you never dreamt of. In the grand scheme of things, it’s still early days with regards to apps and many of you competitors are probably still pretty slow to catch on. Business is all about survival of the fittest so you need to be constantly evolving or risk extinction.


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