The Little Things That Are Causing Big Problems For Your Business


When is business is struggling, it’s natural to look for obvious causes. However, a lot of the time, it can be a combination of smaller things that are causing the damage. So, here are some of the little things that might be causing bigger problems for your business:

Employees Turning Up Late

Someone turning up late for work probably doesn’t sound like that big of an issue. However, if they’re constantly late, it soon adds up. Likewise, if multiple people keep turning up late, then your small problem suddenly has large consequences. Just one employee turning up ten minutes late every day means you’re losing nearly an hour of working time during a week. That extra hour could be used to do so much stuff that improves your business, but it’s time you’ll never get back. To help with this issue, start being strict on employees that turn up late, particularly when they have no good reason.


Bad Internet Connection

Having a bad internet connection means you’re constantly losing signal and spending time starting at your screen waiting for things to load. It can also mean making many visits to the router and fiddling around with things to see if it makes a difference. All the while you could be spending your time doing work and being productive. To solve this, find a better provider of business broadband and make sure all your computers are connected via ethernet cables instead of via wifi.

Running Out Of Checks

Running out of checks might not seem like an issue at all, but it can be very costly if it happens at the wrong time. Let’s say you’ve got a payment to make to a supplier and you realize you haven’t got any checks. You’re in danger of missing the payment date and landing in trouble, which could affect your relationship with them. They may force you to pay a late fee too, which means your order costs more money. This problem can be solved by finding a company that offers checks overnight so you can buy some and gets them delivered as soon as possible, ready to be written, and sent off to your supplier.


Wasting Paper

Businesses run through paper like crazy, and a lot of it is thrown out prematurely. Some people will write on one side of the paper and then throw it away and get another sheet in a few minutes time. This might not garner much of your attention, but the effects it has can be problematic. The more paper you waste, the quicker you get through a load. What does this mean? It means you’re soon putting in more orders for more paper, only to run through that fast as well. Throughout the course of the year, you could spend hundreds of dollars on paper, when you really don’t need to. Stop wasting paper and use one sheet as much as possible. Think about writing in pencil so you can rub stuff out and keep using the same sheet.

Take a look at your business and see if any of these little problems are occurring. If they are, fix them, and see if the ship starts to steady.



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