Low Budget Marketing Strategies


Start-ups are never easy at first, but hey, that’s why it’s called a start-up! You are just at the beginning. We really know how that feels… You got your idea, the product turned out amazing and your excitement is direct proportional with the high level of anxiety you are now feeling due to all the questions you need answers to. And on top of that you have to admit that you are on a tight budget. We get it too, you spent all your efforts and money in coming up with a new product. Just like a new entrepreneur you will need some solid strategies and tips and tricks to get your business starting. We got you covered with some of the tools that will help you.

The Power of the Almighty Referral

This is one of the best tools available for start-ups to market their products for free. You exchange something but you don’t have to spend money while doing it. Everyone knows the true power of a referral; if someone comes to your website through a recommendation the chances of that person becoming a client are pretty high. You could ask some of your existing customers (and friend base as well) to recommend directly your products, either on their site or mouth to ear. You can offer them as a gift of appreciation a discount to your products or a gift card they can use to purchase something for free from your site.

Content Marketing

Google adores fresh content just like a kid enjoys a new toy, so the key here is to find your target audience, just like in old school marketing. Get to know them, what they need and come up with content that will offer solutions for their problems. You are their problem solver, they will engage with you by seeing what you post and eventually some will turn into clients or potential marketing partnership. Keep in mind that people want an honest approach, so highly acknowledge their needs and what you have to offer. You can start by setting up a blog and writing on it, about your products but also tips and tricks for the community you are aiming for. If you don’t have a talent for writing, it’s alright. With a minimal investment you can hire freelancers to write for your blog.

Do It Like the Big Guys with Cross Promotion

Oh yes, it can get as big as the Titans, and causing positive storms in the beginning is heaven sent. One example of how big this could get is the collaboration between Google’s Android and Nestle’s KitKat. Nestle agreed to produce around 50 million KitKat bars with the Android sign on them to help promote Android OS amongst young people. You can get inspiration from their tactics.

Court the Influencers

Nowadays advertising has reached another level with influencers. You got them in whatever area of business you are. Just send them a personal and heart written request so they can feature you on their website, social media or if they like your products so much maybe even a banner on their site. Of course in return you will have to make a package of appreciation for them. Trust me, it will pay off. Nothing says: This product is the hottest new thing, like an influencer says it.


Yes, we know optimization can be such a hassle. But just the basic ones like hashtags can make a huge difference if you want your website to be found online. So add the most relevant ones and open the doors to your website to receive new people inside.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s make it short, you already have Facebook, Instagram, maybe even Twitter. In the beginning you can use it with a minimum of effort by simply sharing your products online, posting your website, creating a Facebook page for your brand, and promoting your blog. Plus, now your friends come in handy. It’s not rude or awkward to ask them to like your new page and help with promotion. For those with more time, ask for written reviews too, so the page will rank higher.

No matter how you decide to create a buzz effect and start promoting yourself online, there are solutions for you. Welcome to the world of marketing and entrepreneurship!


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