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When you’re running a large-scale recruitment drive, or looking to promote current employees to more senior positions, it can be pretty hard to define the qualities that you want your managers to have. This is one of the many things which can come down to various particulars which are unique to your business. A team leader for a catering start-up, for example, is going to need very different qualities than the manager in a cutting-edge tech company. Having said that, there are certain qualities which are essential for any manager to possess…

A Strong Focus on Results

When you’re trying to hire or promote a manager who will get the job done, you need to make sure they’re results-orientated. When someone demonstrates a natural focus on hard results, they’ll be constantly motivated to reach their objectives, and deliver what’s required of them. A good manager should have a somewhat competitive nature, and a strong sense of pride in their achievements, which constantly pushes them towards obtaining their goals. Just be aware that this kind of personality can be a double-edged sword. A lot of managers who demonstrate a strong emphasis on results tend to be more self-centred, and have trouble thinking of themselves as part of a team. They can lean more towards dictation than collaboration, which can really strain the morale of the people who work under them. If you think this is a danger with one of your candidates, consider some business communication training, or simply finding someone more balanced.

Smart Delegation

Great Manager

A manager’s overarching objective should be to add more value to the general operations of a business, so being able to delegate work effectively is one of the most important qualities a manager can have. They should have a long-term, universal vision for their role in the company, and the ability to contribute to the business’s operations in an inclusive manner. Being able to delegate in accordance with a progressive mindset will not only make the manager more efficient and effective, but can also make their team more productive as a whole. There are no specifically bad traits when it comes to delegation, but it’s not a quality that comes naturally to a lot of people. Many people considered “manager material” tend to be a little skeptical, doubtful, and more inclined to taking on too much responsibility themselves.


Again, this is a quality that can go one of two ways. However, it’s much better to have a manager who’s assertive than one who’s a doormat for people. The managers at your business need to have a certain level of assertiveness, with no fear of confrontations, or asserting and defending their opinions. They also need to be very comfortable in their position as a leader, and should be able to make snap decisions after receiving just a little information. Managers will often need to negotiate, close deals, and reach their personal objectives, and assertiveness is an important quality for all of those. Look for someone assertive, but professional enough not to let their opinions get in the way of business.


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