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Employees are key to a business model. As a boss, they do a lot of the work for you, and as an employee a lot of the time your colleagues keep you from stagnating or going crazy when at work. Yet going to work shouldn’t be a strenuous task, and people should be able to get some semblance of enjoyment out of what it is they do.

Employees can be unhappy for a variety of reasons, and the best way to sort these out is through monitoring, and also preventative measures. Work out what differences you need to make and then implement them; you’ll notice a boost in productivity as a result. Here’s a few ideas on where you can start


Know What Their Strengths and Weaknesses Are

Knowing what makes your employees happy is one thing, but knowing what they’re good and bad at is another. Happiness and skillsets often go hand in hand, and therefore an employee who is ready for a task is going to be more able to complete it (of course), but also happier to do so.

Your employees work for you, and usually they work well for you well. But a task could be done to an unsatisfactory status because of talent and ability, so a vetting process is essential. It isn’t bad of you as a boss to notice someone doesn’t fit in somewhere; as a result you can move them to a better department or task, or keep a closer eye on them.

Let your employees use google freely, and rely on them using this if they don’t know how to fix or complete something. It’s good business practice, and accessible information is a wonderful modern invention.

Make Sure Everyone Talks to Each Other

Communication is essential in all walks of daily life, but in business teamwork is a top priority. Keep everyone in touch with each other not just through word of mouth, but with apps and instant messaging as well.
If you have a management team, cultivate a group chat to keep them all on the same page at once, and allow updates to each other in real team. There’s rarely anything more frustrating than a floor manager coming into to work and finding a new system someone else has implemented with no mention to anyone else in a senior position. It sounds rough, and it happens more often than you’d think.

Even with anyone who isn’t on the management panel, your employees should always be informed of the decision you make. A low level of control is one of the top factors for stress in the workplace, which leads on to absenteeism, and so on and so forth. There’s a lot of focus on the snowball effect in the chain of command when it comes to business.

Use polls to take opinions quickly and effortlessly, and show your employees they’re valued. Keep your inbox open; a quick email with everyone BCCd in always works, and is also valuable for the ethics side as well.

Use Apps to Their Advantage

A lot of apps for business needs are on the market, and for a variety of reasons you may not expect. For example, have people download a free schedule app to their phones or desktop to help then with their day’s workload, or to keep them on a strenuous task when they need to be done. A lot of people get bored easily, and productivity can dip hugely because of this, so facilitate natural human behaviour instead of punishing it. Having a scheduling app also makes arranging meetings a whole lot easier, and allows people to pass a vote on the best time in the day to finally have that review that should have been conducted at least a week ago.

Keep email notifications on your phone to a minimum with distraction free apps, and stop yourself from checking it every 30 seconds for something different to do! These kind of apps can also block apps or websites that you spend at least an hour on instead of filling out those forms a manager needed on their desk 12 hours ago.

There’s quite a few things you can implement in an office or workplace to help your employees out. We’re all human, and a little compassion goes a long way. Of course not every structure is going to fit in everywhere, so test some things out and always get feedback. You can start working to your full potential without worry!



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