Marketing Blunders To Avoid This (And Every) Year


The beginning of a new year is here. You likely want to grow your business and your audience, which means developing a brand-new marketing strategy. As you’re learning about what steps you should take to see success, it’s a good idea to balance that information out with tips regarding what steps you should not take in your marketing and advertising endeavors. Here’s a list to get you started on the right foot.

Disregarding Sensitivity

In recent years, companies and public figures have had to issue apologies of one kind or another for insensitivity in their remarks, marketing or social media comments. Make sure you aren’t the next company to issue an apology. Do this by thinking about the content in your marketing materials. Is there a chance your content may offend people of a different race, culture, sexual orientation or marginalized group? If you think there’s the smallest chance you could come across as tactless, change things up. Yes, it can be hard to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what someone may find offensive, but as long as you show you’re making a genuine effort to not step on anyone’s toes, you’re halfway there.

Failing To Budget

You may have lofty marketing aspirations, but can your business budget financially support your goals? Consult your budget for every step of your marketing strategy. Rather than starting with a strategy, look and see what kind of advertising your new yearly budget allows for. This is the same approach you’d take when buying a house or car so you don’t get your hopes up, so why not apply the same strategy to business marketing?

You should devote a portion of your budget specifically to marketing and advertising. Try out different types of marketing materials, concepts and platforms to see which work best for you. Also, marketing gurus like Mark Crumpacker realize the importance of making the most of free marketing tools, of which there are plenty in this day and age. Use them to their maximum potential before you start spending money.

Not Mixing Up Your Marketing Content

Touching back on different marketing materials, you’ll be doing your business a huge favor by changing up the type of marketing content you share. Rather than all text posts, throw in a few videos, infographics or relevant images here and there. Images are an especially great idea, as more and more consumers are drawn in by an intriguing image, regardless of the content. The image is your hook, and great content keeps people engaged.

No matter the content, do what you can to ensure it’s the best of the best. This doesn’t mean you have to have the glitziest or most expensive content, but what you share should come across as professional as possible.

Copying Content From Other Businesses

You should most certainly check out what the top businesses and leaders in your industry are doing in terms of marketing and advertising. What you should not do, however, is copy and paste what you come across. It’s easier than ever for people to uncover plagiarism, whatever form it may take. Be sure there are no accusatory fingers pointed at you and your company.

The best way to avoid copying is to take inspiration from the content you like and put your own unique spin on it. Other companies and business leaders provide the foundation, but you handle the overall structure of the marketing house, interior and exterior design and landscaping.

Failing To Proofread and Edit Content

Your business may not have to deal with writing or grammar, but that’s no excuse for having marketing content filled with obvious grammar errors. There are plenty of free spellcheck, editing and proofreading tools you can use before sharing your content. Put them to good use.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of how to keep from accidentally driving down a dead-end marketing road this year. See how these tips work for you, and good luck!



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