What A Marketing Campaign Needs Besides Creativity


Make no mistake. Your marketing is going to need some clever minds thinking about the best way to convey the value of your business to the target market. They need to think about messages that grab the core of the issue and say something that other businesses aren’t saying. But if you want an effective marketing team, you’re going to need a bit more than creativity.

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If you want to get a marketing campaign out and rolling, then you can’t sit and have your creative minds brainstorming in all manners of direction. You need them focused, but at the same time, you don’t want to rush them. Make sure marketing meetings have a strategy to them. Decide what you need to market, what value it has, and the goals you’re using those values to work towards. Then think about which kind of content works best for the message and combine all those to make a mission statement for the content. From there, you have a lot more focus to build on in finding the tone, structure, imagery and the like.


To inform the process mentioned above, you need more than ideas. You need ideas backed up by data. The SBA features some examples of where you can find data on past marketing campaigns by other businesses, for instance. Here you can find the trends that you can better apply to your own campaigns. Naturally, you want to differentiate yourself some, but that doesn’t mean you should totally ignore what others are doing. Use what works. Leave what doesn’t behind.

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Part of the process of the marketing strategy is about deciding which platforms are best to use for your current campaign. But besides which platform you use, you need to know how to use them most effectively. Pay-per-click advertising comes with its own advantages, but also its own limitations and even its own tools like those demonstrated on Clicteq that help you get the best out of your PPC campaigns. SEO, social media, content marketing, video marketing. They all come with their own tricks of the trade, so to speak. If you want to include a certain platform within your marketing strategy, you had better know how to best use them. Besides helping you get the best campaign out there, many of those tools will also help you collect data you can use to inform future campaigns.


It’s something that should part of the conversation from the start and should remain in your thoughts all the way through. You might have a plethora of different ways to send your message. But which fits the brand identity? If past marketing, your website, and the way your business does business have cultivated an image, stick to it. That image is what wins your target market and changing it up too often makes your business harder to stay loyal to.

To keep up with the modern marketing world, good ideas need to be backed up by a good brand, good data and the ability to use different platforms well. Creativity is essential but it’s not all.


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