How to Motivate Your Employees to Become Lifelong Learners


As a business owner, you know very well the importance of continuing to learn as you progress through a long career. Particularly with the ever-changing landscape of business and the amounts on new technologies that push us to further our knowledge.

When you want to keep your brightest heads from exploring other companies, it’s important to encourage them to learn new concepts and stay up to date as their careers develop.
Motivate Your Employees

Become the ultimate boss and learn how you can trigger their thirst for learning, making your business stronger and leaner while you’re at it.

Encourage and reimburse active learning

The most successful companies out there know how to offer their skilled employees benefits when they take the initiative to develop professionally. Opportunities for networking, shadowing experienced co-workers, and attending business events are common ways for employees in search of success to gain more knowledge.

If you don’t offer them reimbursement for their efforts, they can easily find another company that will – and you risk losing one of your biggest assets. Every step in the right direction should be applauded so make sure you’re not hurting your company; have a look at this article for some of the best ways to reward them and boost their morale.

Offer support for college tuition

Nothing makes for a stronger encouragement to learn than the offer of having your tuition fees covered. Many of the leading companies in the world have understood this long ago and decrease their turnover by making education possible for devoted workers.

The best part is that modern technology makes it possible for them to study at some of the best Universities in the world – and they can easily find great courses online. By opening this door, your employees can bring back a master in engineering management top universities are able to offer.

You will get your investment back in spades; education means more knowledge and employee development in your company, which again helps you to grow your company.

Initiate a lunch and learn

If you’re serious about increasing the learning in your office, the only way to streamline this is to incorporate it into your company culture. Learning needs to be motivated and should, preferably, be a joint effort; host a lunch and learn once a week or every second week where you turn your lunch into a workshop.

Vary the topics according to their level of learning as well as the industry you’re in, of course, and invite guest speakers to take the lunch meeting to a new level. It promotes the culture of learning in your company by signaling that you’re investing in it, in addition to being something they’ll look forward to during the week – if you also provide them with free lunch, that is.

Lifelong learners are easy to find when you pave the way for them first. They will bring so much knowledge and enthusiasm back to your company, and you can enjoy the feeling of fostering a culture of learning – building your business up, one smart employee at a time.



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