Motivate Your Employees to Keep Them Engaged


Motivating and engaging your employees go hand in hand. If you want your workers to be productive and loyal to your company, you’ve got to motivate them, which is sure to keep them engaged. The old “do it my way or hit the highway” technique does not keep staff members on task; in fact, it does the exact opposite. Even in a tight job market, your most talented workers will go elsewhere if you don’t create an optimum work environment where their hard work is appreciated.

Share the Vision

It’s crucial that you create a mission statement for your organization, and that your team members are on board with it. Everyone at your company should share your vision in order to work as a true team. Create clarity and positivity, and show your employees how much they matter in achieving the company’s goals.

Communicate Regularly

Ongoing communication between management and staff members is imperative to engagement and motivation. Ask workers how they’re doing and what will motivate them to do an even better job. When employees do something right, praise them for it immediately. Even better, praise them in front of their coworkers. Saying thank you goes a long way in motivating people, and it also makes them want to excel again. If criticism is needed, make sure you phrase your feedback in a constructive, respectful manner to let them know how to change their behavior.

Make Work Fun

Mirth and lightness can be injected into any work environment to raise morale. Add funny photos and/or jokes to the company newsletter. Hold potlucks or picnics with team-building activities. Hold silly contests and pass out prizes such as gift cards. There’s no need to be serious all the time; laughing and smiling can actually amp the business’s bottom line while keeping employees engaged.

Understand Drivers

Everyone is driven by something. The average person is driven to go to work by the need for food and shelter, but that’s not all. Obviously, your employees are there so they can support themselves, but they are also there for reasons such as happiness, work balance, professional development, and recognition. Survey your team members to learn what motivates them and then provide opportunities for their driving goals to be met.

Be Trustworthy

If you want your workers to be engaged and committed to the company, make sure you can be trusted. To do this, always fulfill your promises, follow through on your commitments, maintain an open dialogue, and keep employee personal information confidential. When employees feel they can trust their bosses, they feel respected, which often means they are also more likely to be loyal, engaged and motivated.

The more driven your workers are, the more likely they will stay with your company and perform at their absolute best. Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization, so take good care of them and they are sure to reciprocate.


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