New Start Ups See Rise in Pop-Up Shops


A Pop-Up Shop is the ideal business model when starting up a new business, venturing into new business markets or looking to grow your business through brand awareness. For entrepreneurs looking to get started, Pop-up shops are ideal as a test bed for new business ideas.

Pop up shops are temporary stores which can be set up at specific venues. Pop up shops help attract customers while helping the brand get exposure to a larger audience. For online retailers, pop up shops allow for a physical presence. Temporary installation of pop shops helps entrepreneurs and businesses promote products and services to target audiences.

For many up and coming small businesses, operating a pop-up shop helps owners to test their skills in a retail environment.

According to a study by EE, almost a third of new business owners within the next 2 years will establish their business via the pop up shop route. This is the ideal route to get started with new businesses then able to set up their businesses as bricks and mortar retail outlets further down the line.

With the likes of Amazon and Google, Businesses now see the advantage of selecting pop-up shops to connect with customers.

For budding entrepreneurs, operating a pop up shop can allow owners to test their skills, products and services by establishing demand from customers. Pop-up shops provide the perfect opportunity to test the market by getting your creative ideas out in front of target audiences.

Testing New Markets

For existing businesses that are already established, a pop-up concept can be a great platform to test new business opportunities or a particular market. The benefit is that owners can separate their main business and minimise risk. Your pop-up shop then tests new market away from your main business.

Creating Brand Awareness

For already established businesses with a successful established brand, Pop-Up shops can help create better brand awareness and brand loyalty. Some of the larger companies use Pop-up shops to open operations in fashionable locations. They can be a great platform to target existing customers and also create a buzz around the brand to hep target new customers.

Choosing locations for you Pop-Up Shop

One of the key considerations when choosing a location for you pop-up shop is selecting a high foot traffic area. High traffic areas will ensure that you will not have to drive the traffic into your store alone. Choosing the right a location with suitable retailers nearby will also be important as will be the area location. Selling expensive high luxury products in an area that has high un-employment and low income earners would not be advisable.

If you are setting up a pop-up shop to attract new audiences, this will be a great way to introduce your brand. However there will still be work to do with regards to getting the word through alternative marketing routes away from your physical presence in the area. This could include building a greater online presence to promote your brand and create better awareness.

Social media is a great way to get people to your shop. In another article, we already brought to you news that Facebook was to launch a new shopping experience for customers to buy products from retailers. Social media is the perfect platform to create a buzz with Intagram and Pinterest being visually appealing and allowing owners to post pics of products and services. Make sure your post lots of pictures so you can engage with your users online.

Use your Pop-up shop to drive your business online

Pop-up shops can showcase your brand to new audiences but they are also a great opportunity to drive business back online to you ecommerce site. Having a shop can help boost online sales. Your online business should work alongside your pop-up shop where the focus is on face to face experience.


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