Novel Ways to Market Your Products in 2020


In the modern era, in which the likes of Facebook and Google make the vast majority of their billions from online advertisements, the space for digital marketing is swamped with hundreds of thousands of businesses promoting their brands. To be heard, above this digital cacophony, can sometimes be an uphill struggle – difficult for small businesses with small budgets to share their brand. In this article, you’ll learn some of the other ways in which you can market your products in order to “cut through the nose” and reach your target consumers.

Using People

Instead of delivering messages to your customers and consumers through the internet, why not use people to share your business and your products or services. By getting out onto the streets, or getting your personnel into conferences, you’re able to put an affable and friendly face on your business procedures – including sharing the very best of your products in the spoken word, as opposed to in a piece of digital content. As such, you’ll be able to personally encourage your target consumers to check out your store, instead of hoping they’ll click on your advertisements on the world wide web.

Flyers and Mail

Another space in which advertisements have thinned out in recent years is the pamphlet, flyer, poster, and mail-out space. This is mainly because companies have migrated into email inboxes to share their materials. Yet, in the modern day, email inboxes are filtering such email marketing attempts into spam folders, making them essentially obsolete. So, by going back to the drawing board, and reengaging with Direct Mail Marketing – a strong way to get seen by consumers – you’ll be able to take a stand on the side of novel and physical advertising that’ll appeal to those consumers to whom you send your marketing materials.

Using the News

If your business can latch onto a current news story, by publishing its own piece on a blog, or by releasing a press release to the press offices of local publishers, you may be able to piggy-back on some of the more popular and well-read news stories of the day. This novel idea for marketing is all about being responsive to what people want to hear and read – and if you’re able to be dynamic in your marketing in this regard, you may find that you receive free marketing from well-respected journals, magazines and newspapers, which can exponentially increase your business over time.

Social Media

When we speak of social media marketing in this article, we’re not talking about lazily created pieces of content for which you pay in order to boost them on Facebook and Instagram. No, we’re talking about those pieces of viral media that can be shared hundreds of thousands of times. If you’re ambitious, and you have a good digital team working alongside you, you may well be able to shape your marketing in the social media space in order to increase your chances of virality, thus helping you to boost your business by several scales of magnitude.

These four elements of your new approach to marketing will help you to capture more business in the 2020s, while also saving you cash as you do so.


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