Practical New Technologies for Better Health


A lot of startups in the healthcare industry were founded to do advanced research in fields such as genome sequencing and DNA testing. While these research programs are very exciting to follow, there are also companies working to bring practical solutions to our everyday health problems. According to the Northeastern University’s AACSB online MBA program, there are a few notable companies whose solutions are already available for use.

LumoBack is a good example of a healthcare startup that brings practical solutions straight to customers. The company developed a sensor that will monitor your posture. Connect the sensor to your iPhone and you will be reminded every time you start to slouch. Medisafe is another example of a healthcare solution you can try today. The app reminds loved ones whenever you forget to take your medication.

To find more interesting startups to look into, check out 12 Startups That Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare, an infographic by

Northeastern University’s Master of Business Administration Online Program


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