Precision Motion Solutions: Helping the Medical Industry Save Lives


Continuous advancements in medical knowledge and research have also driven innovations in the design and manufacture of medical equipment. Today’s high-tech tools help doctors save more lives through better and more accurate imaging, diagnosis, and surgical procedures.

As such, the mechanical components and parts that go into these equipment are evolving as well, such as brushless DC motors. The medical industry requires motor components that are increasingly high-powered yet precise and silent, all in a miniature design and lightweight package.

Motorized components also need to be made of materials that can withstand sterilization procedures required in medical settings such as hospitals and clinics.

These motors play a vital role in many common and not-so-common medical tools, equipment and machines, such as:

  • Dental hand tools. Almost everyone has been to a dentist and knows about the ubiquitous hand drill that gives off a high-pitch, screeching sound. Advancements in mini motors have brought about dental tools that are more quiet and efficient, thus making the visit to the dentist more enjoyable and less fearful especially for children.
  • Orthopedic drills, saws, shavers and staplers. Perhaps nowhere else do top-of-the-line, sophisticated motors matter more than for bone doctors, who deal with the toughest natural material found in the human body. These orthopedic tools help cut, saw, or piece together bone segments. High-tech equipment means less pain and better recovery for patients with bone injuries.
  • Fluid pumps. Motors in equipment such as hospital or clinical pumps, insulin pumps, or home infusion pumps require utmost reliability as these dispense IV medication round the clock.  Motor efficiency contributes to longer battery life of these equipment. Compact, ergonomic design also matters for ambulatory or mobile pumps that patients can carry around or travel with.
  • Respiratory and ventilation devices. One of the most basic and important life-saving medical devices are respiratory machines. Since these keep patients breathing, medical motors in these devices should be extremely reliable and efficient.
  • Surgical robots. Machines that think and act like humans are no longer stuff of science fiction novels and movies. Today, surgical robots perform difficult procedures in environments or situations that may be too risky for humans. Sometimes, robots are also utilized because they are even more precise and accurate than doctors. These machines require the most advanced and reliable motors to make the minutest maneuvers.
  • Lab automation. Similar to robots, laboratory equipment can be automated to largely function on their own. These require highly precise and responsive motors for repetitive actions and tasks involved in processing and analysis of laboratory samples.
  • Exoskeletons. Differently abled individuals such as amputees or those born handicapped can now be mobile and perform bodily functions better through the help of robot-like apparatus attached to appendages such as arms, legs, and fingers. These exoskeletons are driven by mini motors that are compact, lightweight, and efficient for longer battery life.
  • Other handheld instruments, devices and implements. Countless other items found in a hospital or clinic rely on the technology of mini motors, such as surgical screwdrivers, ultrasound transducers, auto-injectors, biopsy tools, mesotherapy guns, powered ENT (ears, nose, throat), and plastic surgery instruments, peripheral artery disease treatment devices and the like.

The use of such technologically advanced equipment bring numerous benefits to patients, including faster recovery time, less physical trauma, and even cheaper costs in the long run.

Knowledge and information may have entered the digital age, but motion technology can never be replaced in approximating or even surpassing the physical capabilities of the human body. Medical motors will continue to evolve as medical solutions become more and more sophisticated and innovative.




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