Quantifying The Unquantifiable In The Workplace


Ask any business owner what they want and they’ll respond with a simple answer: success. Although correct, the term is very vague. What does it mean? Are you judging it off the amount of money you make, the leads you generate, or visitors to the site? Better yet, how are you going to quantify the goals?  The last question is something which all bosses need to keep in mind. It’s one thing setting goals, but you have to be able to measure them to check whether the company is heading in the right direction.


As you know, some indicators of success are hard to calculate because there are very few stats available. In fact, there may not be any whatsoever. For you, this is unacceptable as it means the business has to guess, and a guess is a gamble. The good news is that it is possible to quantify almost everything in the workplace. Here are the tricks of the trade bosses and business owners need to know.

Invest In Analytic Software

First thing’s first – the company needs a measuring tool. Probably the most effective and easiest to use on the market is analytic software. To use it, simply buy one that suits the firm’s needs, install it on the server, and let it track the different measurements. For example, Google Analytics tells its users things like how many people visited the site at various stages of the day. It also provides data on things such as bounce and conversion rate. The great thing about this software is that it’s incredibly straightforward to use and there’s no need for a transition period. However, you will need to learn which statistics are worth worrying about and which are insignificant. Remember that understanding facts and figures is like learning a new language. Https://financesonline.com/ has a comprehensive list if you want inspiration.

Define And Determine

The next step is to set out the short and long-term goals and work out which stats are important for success. Firstly, you may have to cut this process into bitesize chunks. For example, plenty of bosses like to start with the short and long-term goals as they differ from company to company. So, the essential question is: what do you want to achieve? Are you looking to increase unique users to the site? Or, maybe you want to improve customer retention and your market share in the process? Afterwards, it’s vital that you figure out which numbers are a good marker and which ones smoke and mirrors. Think about customer retention for a moment. Boosting lead generation is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean much if the conversion rate is low. Indeed, all it indicates is that people land on the site, take a look around, and bounce. Although it doesn’t seem like it, retention and conversion rates are linked.


Go The Extra Mile

“Don’t worry about it – there isn’t a way to measure it anyway.” It’s the easiest sentence in the world in business, and you’ll hear it on a day to day basis. Considering the name of the title, this post is going to make a bold claim and say nothing is unquantifiable. Granted, some factors are harder to measure than others, but it only implies that you have to be creative. Customer service is impossible to study, right? Well, https://www.simplesat.io/blog/ would disagree because it has a ranker and a score indicator. Okay, these tools may not be the industry standard at the moment, but there are excellent ways to get an insight into the way you treat your customers. Of course, going onto the street and asking for advice and feedback are two foolproof methods, too.


Follow The Money

Money isn’t the only factor to success, but it does play a big part. Admitting that is the first step and the next is to track things such as actual and goal income and expenses. To begin with, missing payments and incurring late fees and penalties can cause chaos. One minute, the business is rattling along as happy as pie, and the next you aren’t sure whether there is enough money to cover the firm’s debts. Once the arrears begin to mount up, there is no point measuring anything else because the future is in doubt. Secondly, tracking the company’s expenses allows you to keep the costs down and budget for other areas of the firm. Should you want to invest in analytics software, it’s vital to know whether you can afford it first and foremost. Accountants are a godsend, but so is a business management package. Think of it as a digital bookkeeper without the need to meet face-to-face or talk over the phone!

And The Competition

It would be easy to say, “Visit https://mention.com/blog/ and you’ll find everything you need to know about this topic. However, that would be a kop out but you should still take a look at the page. What this site does is indicate how important it is to go “Sherlock” and investigate the business’s rivals. Your goals and targets come first, and that is undeniable. But, to say the rest of the industry doesn’t have an impact on your success is naïve. Therefore, it’s a savvy move to check their performance and learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, straight hacking into their database is a breach of common law and inadvisable. Still, there is plenty of legal info online. For instance, a news piece about the company will reveal a lot about their processes.

Spread The Word

The thing about quantifying the unquantifiable is that everyone has to be on the same page. If there is a single break in the chain, the whole circuit will short circuit. As a result, one of the most crucial aspects of measuring the company’s goals is informing the workplace. It may be as simple as telling them what you expect on a day-to-day basis, for instance, vis-à-vis tracking software. A quick morning meeting is often all it takes to get a team ready for the day ahead.

Can you think of any more innovative ways to measure the immeasurable?



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