How The Right Software Can Transform The Way You Work


Everyone in business knows that experience and knowledge of the digital landscape is key to running a good business. Computers and the internet not only help us with our tasks, they dictate the way that we work.

The influence of the computer is shown in the greatest light with software. Thanks to some talented developers, almost every business task is completed faster thanks to advances in software. New releases handle everything for the management of contracts right through to accounting. Let’s take a look at some options below and if you can tick these off your list, you’ll have a great foundation to master efficiency from within your company.

Starting off with content creation, Microsoft Office is key – any business should be required to create presentations, spreadsheets or word documents and if they aren’t – they might very well be in a unique line of work. Office tools are the very basis of office work, organization and communication. If you don’t have word processing tools like Microsoft Office, you might not be doing much at all. There are other options though – we’ll talk more about Google Drive later, but it offers a cloud-based word processing suite to rival Microsoft.


Stamps is cloud based, but if you find yourself posting things a lot, Stamps will save you an enormous amount of time. Stamps allows you produce postage labels from your computer and office printer so you can effectively ship right from your business. It also offers collaboration with other software packages, namely accounting packages, to offer an all-in-one postage solution for your business. If you spend a lot of time at the post office, Stamps might change your working life.

Most businesses employ the use of contracts in work from employees and freelancers to contracted agencies. To keep your contracts managed and in one place, Exari offer a versatile suite of contract management software that can make your contract based work a lot more efficient, secure and of course, organized.

Quickbooks is an accounting package that is proactive and works. Quickbooks has one of the easiest to use interfaces in the whole software world and makes accounting and coin counting a lot more easy. Based on simple data inputs, you can almost automate your money management. Quickbooks also makes your tax return a lot easier.

Cloud based storage might not be a lifesaver, but it is a business saver. Remote storage options such as the ones offered by Google Drive and Dropbox not only offer you a safe space to store your work – you can also backup your crucial files in case of a system outage. What’s more, remote storage allows you to access files from anywhere, meaning that you can work from anywhere. These files can also be accessed and worked on simultaneously, so your entire workforce can collaborate on documents from afar – making remote working a clear option.

SoftwareFrom automation to efficiency, there are so many ways that the right piece of software can revolutionize the way in which your business works.



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