Shelling Out On Industrial Equipment: Tips To Make The Best Purchase


Buying industrial equipment is a big and costly decision. Whether it’s a top class coffee machine or a band saw, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best for your money. Here some considerations you should make when making your purchase.

Know your measurements

You should already know the property in which you will move your new piece of machinery (for portable machinery you’ll need to look up your vehicle specs). Make sure you know the available height and width you have to work with to avoid buying something too big! Similarly consider the weight. The upstairs of some buildings may not be able to hold several tonnage. You should also consider how the machinery is going to get in. Some machinery will be readily assembled, others in parts. Those that are readily-assembled will need a suitable entrance to get in. Make sure that there aren’t any obstacles such as stairs or protruding rails in the way. If this is unavoidable, you will have to assemble the machine on site.

Go in with a budget

You may want a top-of-the-range 3D printer, but if your business can’t afford that without taking out a substantial loan, consider whether a less advanced model might be more appropriate for you. If you are buying multiple appliances, get an accountant to help you construct a suitable budget. Stick to this religiously. Without a budget you could be sucked in by sales speeches by retailers and manufactures. Know the average price of all the machinery that you are buying so that you know what’s a bargain, when to haggle and when to kindly decline.

Industrial Equipment

Ask about assembly and installation

Some machinery vendors (for example this one will provide assembly and installation. For those who want  to save time or simply don’t feel they’d possess the effort or proficiency to assemble a machine such as a powder-coating oven, having a company that can offer this service for you can relieve a lot of stress. In some cases, the cost may be extra – but it could worth it if you don’t want to hassle over an instruction manual and hundreds of parts. It may also provide some peace of mind knowing that it has been assembled properly and professionally. The last thing you want is a broken machine just because one of the bolts wasn’t secured enough.

Be careful buying second-hand

For smaller businesses, second-hand machinery may be the best option. You don’t always need the newest pressure washer or laser cutter, unless you’re providing elite service. That said, you should still be wary that some second-hand equipment may be old and a little tired. The previous owner or supplier should be able to tell you when the machine was last serviced. Check online reviews for products of the same model and age to check that there aren’t any common failures that occur after a certain amount of years in use. Similarly, be wary of machinery selling for a ridiculous bargain from a less official looking source. Such machinery may be stolen or broken. Always inspect a second-hand machine with your own eyes – don’t buy blindly off the net.


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