Facebook Sharing now added to Oculus Gear VR


Oculus has just introduced a several new social features for the Oculus Gear VR that includes Facebook sharing features and new social games with the intention of making the Samsung’s Oculus Gear VR more social. It really only confirms Facebook’s continued plans to make virtual reality more social for users.

The Facebook owned company has focussed recent features on improving social interaction. In November Samsung released the Gear VR in conjunction with Facebook’s Oculus VR

Anyone with a Samsung Gear VR will now be able to create a profile, search for friends and leave reviews for all apps in the Oculus Store.

Oculus is also planning to add new games that have been created just for virtual reality which can also support a maximum of four players.

Gear VR will have a dedicated section on Facebook for videos which will allow users to connect Facebook accounts and see a feed of 360 degree videos which are personalized and based upon your friend’s pages. These videos will also be able to be shared in virtual reality.


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