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Do I need an SSL certificate for my website is probably a question these days every one asks to them? AND the answer is certainly a YES. It is essential for many reasons. This article will shed some light on the need for the SSL certificates for your website and why do we think that if it is not installed on the website, our business will suffer or might face issues.

As you all know that the king of the search engine “Google” has started giving importance to the websites that have SSL certificate and use HTTPS as a secure feature. This gives a boost to the website’s rankings and in turn, increases conversions. In a survey, it is studied that many people and business owners inquire about the importance of SSL certificate and its impact if they do not install it. The results come out to be positive because if an SSL certificate is not installed on your website then there are consequences that might lead to decrease your business.

So what is SSL certificate?

SSL certificate or Secure Sockets Layer is a digital certificate that safeguards your personal and private information that is ideally transmitted via your website over the internet. Thus, it becomes essential for a website to protect the data from being hacked. An SSL Certificate is a digital file that encrypts the data, and adds accurate protection enabling secure connections to the web browser. Furthermore, it gives you green padlock and security sign in your address bar that turns your “http://” to “https://” with no reassuring security padlock.

SSL Certificates helps to bind:

  • A domain with a name, hostname or server name
  • The company’s identity with location and other details

Is SSL worth having?

The website having SSL certificate is worth having because it increases the credibility of your website in front of your customers and visitors. It lowers the bounce rate of your site. It gives an all new experience of a changeover where everything seems possible on your website. All the process of payment checkout and all the information transmission steps are secure. Hence, due to all these points above SSL certificate is worth having.

Why Do you Need An SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are essential to have for every website. They are issued via trusted Certificate Authority – CA. You may get the list of the entire trust CA root certificate provider from where you can have your choice of SSL certificate. SSL Certificates safeguard all your sensitive information such as log-in forms, credit card information, debit card information, usernames, and passwords and like.

  • It secures all the data between the servers
  • Enhances Google Rankings
  • It develops your customer’s trust
  • SSL certificate helps in improving conversion rates

So, how does the SSL Certificates Work?

Working is not a problem with SSL certificates because it is very simple to install and in just few steps it can start working. There are many other kinds of SSL certificates that are used by different types of businesses as per their needs. A Certificate Authority CA will issue the SSL Certificate and will perform at various levels to offer enhanced security checks for your company. Basically when a company is given an SSL Certificate, it’s attained from a Root Certificate Authority then from there it is issued to the end users and then gets installed to perform accurately. They get in to your systems via an operating key (public key and private key) where all the important keys of these Root Certificates are embedded to perform better.

Let’s understand that what happens to the website when you don’t have an SSL Certificate but you need it badly!

One of the bad things that will happen is your website will be open to vulnerable activities. Specifically, the visitors will be warned hackers entering to your site. They will get a warning message about the website’s security. In one of the studies it is surveyed that 91% of people those who are browsing the web see this message at one time or the other. On the other hand 40% of the users think that some intruder is trying to steal their information. It takes us to the safety again.

The good part here is that users can still access the website by clicking the “Advanced,” button where they might still see a word “unsafe” that is next to the option on the right. This permits you to get into the website.

Google Chrome browser will stop helping or supporting your website

Google permits any website that has SSL certificate on their website. And when Google say it, it does it. Here, Google will flag the website that doesn’t have SSL certificate. Thus, the user will be not able to browse your website and use its services, products, content and like.

In case my SSL certificate expires then what?

In case you already have an SSL certificate and it case it expires then you must contact your developer soon. Else, your users will face problem to get into your website and use all the services they want to. Get in touch with your developer and he or she should take care of it for you.

What is significance of SSL CERTIFICATES?

By now you must have a better idea about what SSL certificates are, why they are important, and what will happen if your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. The main purpose of SSL certificates is to safeguard your website and all your sensitive data transmitted from one server to other between the browsers.

Thus, SSL certificate is a mandate for every website which should not be ignored at any cost. In case you still don’t have it, please get it done today.
































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