Stop Hiding Behind The Screen! Forming Important Client Relationships In E-commerce


In business, relationships are everything. In the e-commerce industry, you’ve got a significant task to develop these relationships. Because your customers are hidden behind a computer screen, you’ve got a bigger mountain to climb. And it’s not just the customers that can be a struggle, forming client relationships in this arena can prove challenging. But, how can you do this properly, so your business can expand organically, and you reap the benefits?

These Things Take Time

Yes, you might be chomping at the bit to get your product out there, especially in relation to those supply chains. But you have to realize that when you are building relationships with clients, the most fruitful relationships will take a long time to gestate. Instead of going down the disingenuous route of networking and being schmaltzy with your intended client, get to know them, their industry, and open yourself up to them. If you go in with a guarded attitude, but also intend to leave with benefits only for yourself, you are going to lose that client. It has to be a symbiotic relationship- do things for them, and they will do things for you. This is the best approach to doing business with a client.

Communication Has To Be A Constant

We all like to be kept in the loop, and so, you need to look at how you communicate with your clients, is it how you would want to be communicated with? If not, it’s time to step up your whole communication approach. If a client was to email you, be sure to acknowledge the receipt of this email as soon as possible. This is something so little that it could be ignored. However, even if you don’t have the answer they want, a prompt response is going to give them some peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than if you email a client, and you are left on tenterhooks while awaiting their response. In the meantime, you could have been getting on with other tasks. Not only this, but it can easily sour your relationship with the client. It goes both ways, remember this.

Prioritize Every Client

Who is the most important client? Every single one of them! If you are going above and beyond to please your clients, they are going to be happier with your work, and make positive referrals. It doesn’t matter how far up or down the scale they are in terms of success, treat a small business as importantly as you would a Fortune 500 company. And remember, the client you are dealing with might be the front for a much larger company, which is where a positive referral could cause your business to really boom! The Amazon FBA LOGISTICS service may be a standard warehouse on the front, but it’s one of these suppliers for the biggest distributor of goods in the world. And this is why it’s vital for you to do your research with every client before you go in all guns blazing. One misstep and this could backfire on you in such a detrimental fashion.

Map Out Your Plans In Detail

The bigger picture is something that’s continually pushed in any business. And for you, as the entrepreneur, it’s important for you to visualize the overarching theme. It could be difficult when there are so many pressing smaller tasks, but when it comes to building these meaningful relationships in the e-commerce industry, especially when it comes to your suppliers, you need to make sure that they are kept in the bigger picture too. You may have minimal contact with them, or a fractious relationship at best, but these can be remedied by keeping them in the loop properly. With something like a client meeting, always set out the next steps. This will highlight you as someone who is in control of your company, but in being so detailed, this will reduce a lot of confusion the further down the line. One detail is misconstrued, and it could cause a wealth of problems for you and your client. So, no matter how trivial a meeting could be, by laying out your plans of action, no matter how obvious it is, means that everyone is on the same page.

Yes, the age-old idea of improving relationships with clients still boils down to the most fundamental of approaches. But in the e-commerce industry, you are hiding behind a screen a lot of the time, this can compound itself, with miscommunication, and missteps. So consider how you are communicating. And also, it’s straightforward, pick up the phone from time to time! Forming client relationships in the commerce industry doesn’t have to be difficult, but you need to go above and beyond what is expected, and this will be the key to forming any important client relationship.



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