Content Co-Creation First Program is Ancient World in London

We are pleased to advise that we have our first content co-creation and web event series signed-up and underway = Ancient World in London. It is a time-based, online/virtual/mobile/live series that will inspire people to make their own discoveries of the history that makes London one of the world's great cities. More info here and the micro-site is here.  We think this first program will be the shape of things to come more and more for making online communities relevant and engaging.

Breaking Up AOL and Next Wave of Web Content is Community Content

I remember the day of the AOL/Time Warner deal was announced--it seemed like the final proof that online would dominate media and how we deal with sorta, well everything.  In 1999 eBay had bought Butterfields ($260mm) which was an old school auction house showing how online could snap-up and transform anything it fancied.

london eye tree
London Eye-Pods. The wheel goes round and round on the web also as AOL makes latest flight to the web future as "Aol." . Will it be retro-chic to have an email? Yikes.

Brands and Online Communities: Co-Content Creation = Getting to Trust

The hard question is whether or not Brands are trusted members within a community. The harder answer is generally -- No! What to do to get back to Trust?

T-Rex London |Zoo
Trust Me, Only the First Bite Hurts. Many Brands have lost trust with consumers, so entering a Community is not a positive move as perceived by the members. In fact some Brands almost seem to hate or be at war with their customers. So what can a Brand do to get back to Trust? Drive CIC.


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