The Tech Gadgets Your Home Office Isn’t Complete Without


If you ever work from home regularly, you’ve  probably got the basics of a home office covered – desk, computer, printer, etc. – but what about those little extras that, although they aren’t totally essential, serve to make your time spent working in the office more effective, efficient, and yes, even enjoyable? How many of them do you have?

Here are just a few of the tech gadgets you’ll want to put in your office if you want it to be truly complete:

The CUJO Smart Security Firewall

Working from home has a lot of benefits, but security isn’t often one of them. Your files tend to be a lot safer in a big corporate office than they are on your own laptop or computer at home and that means your work and your business could be at risk. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you install the CUJO Smart Internet Firewall (which is very cute for a security gadget, by the way) in your home office, it will watch over your sensitive files 24/7, stopping those hackers in their tracks! It won’t just work for your office files either, you can connect any device you use in your home, and they’ll be safe too!

A Bluetooth Speaker

There are few people who like to work in silence, and actually, some studies have shown that listening to music, particularly of the classic variety can boost creativity. Some studies also show listening to music can boost productivity too. That means your home office won’t be complete without a Bluetooth speaker that lets you stream your favorite tunes. Speaker Digital is a good source for finding the right speaker for you. Just make sure to create a really good work playlist to pump you up, get you thinking and help you to get through the working day a little easier.

The Amazon Echo

Tech Gadgets

If efficiency is the name of the game, and you want to be able to get those simple tasks out of the way quickly, installing an Amazon Echo in your home office is as close to essential as it gets. You’ll be able to order more office supplies, check out the weather forecast, make calls and ‘write memos’ with nothing more than your voice. It’s a great help for home-based workers.

A Standing Desk

I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of doing their work while standing up, but having as small standing desk in your home office alongside your regular desk is a great way to keep fit, improve your posture and keep the usual aches and pains, that office workers experience, at bay.

The Smarssen SmartPen

The Smarson Digital Pen is a fantastic device which allows you to write physical notes by hand while at the same time turning them into digital files, so that you can share them with colleagues or simply file them digitally to keep your space clutter-free. Plus, it’s pretty cool.

With these extra bits of tech in your home office, you’ll find that work passes by quicker and more effortlessly than ever before.



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