The Internet of Things: How Each Generation Uses Connected Devices


The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of a wide variety of digital devices connected to and by the internet. This includes thermostats, washers and dryers, coffee pots and more recently, cars. With so many connected devices it’s no surprise each generation uses the IoT in different ways. Here’s a look at how each generation utilized the Internet of Things.

Generation Z

The jury is still out on Generation Z and how they will be known on a world stage, but also when it concerns the IoT. However, it is a safe bet that Gen Z will be even more heavily connected through IoT devices as their predecessors, Millennials. As of now, Gen Z-ers use the IoT mainly for social media. As many Gen Z-ers are college students now and account for about 25 percent of the workforce, they also use IoT for school and work. This includes digital services for music, tv, books and more. In the future, look for Gen Z to embrace new advancements in the IoT faster than other generations.


Millennials were the first digital natives, i.e., the first generation raised when digital devices were near ubiquity. Millennials typically understand the limitations and lack of integration between company platforms and digital eco-systems, says Fibaro Newsroom. Most people of this generation look for stability and efficiency in the IoT devices they use, rather than “the next big thing,” which is often riddled with bugs and faults for the first few generations of the device. However, with each report of data breaches, privacy debacles and malicious influencing, Millennials have become more distrustful of IoT products.

There is one place Millennials have embraced IoT devices, though. With aging parents, Millennials juggle work, social and family life continuously, and many Millennials have turned to IoT security cameras they can view on their phones, in order to keep an eye on their loved ones even when out of town or busy with work.

Generation X

For Gen X-ers, their first sighting of an IoT device was likely in the workplace. Because of this familiarity with the IoT, many people of this generation actively seek out the newest and most cutting-edge devices. Whether this is the newest smartphone or an Internet-connected car, Gen X-ers are comfortable and enthusiastic about IoT Devices. Another area of interest for this generation is that of connected fitness devices. As this generation ages, a push toward more active lifestyles is seen.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers may often seem inept when technology is concerned, but the IoT has actually contributed to a better standard of life for many people of this generation. Baby Boomers use the IoT for a variety of life benefits both directly and indirectly. Many use a digital assistant as a way to book meetings, medication reminders and more. They also feel the benefits of IoT in the healthcare industry as medical equipment and bureaucratic procedures are more streamlined and the information is shared across platforms, doctors and surgeons.

The Many Uses

The IoT can help you live a better and healthier life, no matter what generation you’re from. It all depends on what goals you have, as chances are, there is probably an IoT device out there that can help you achieve it.



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