This robot changes how it looks depending on your personality


A robot designed by Sean Andrist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is able to change how it looks depending the personality of the person it interacts with. The robot has been designed with the ability to respond to social gaze which is basically based the social context in which humans look at each other. Having robots with specific human helps improve human-robot interaction. The robot is able to use social cues which it then processes through a bespoke algorithm which it helps it to figure out the kind of personality that we have allowing it to then respond appropriately.

The philosophy behind the development is based on what we know about human interaction. Out-going people tend to interact with out-going people and people who are more introverted tend interact better with people of similar personalities. There are many forms of disc profiling that helps identify people’s specific personalities both in work and socially. In turn by identifying people’s personality profiles, we can modify our behaviour to improve our interaction. See this post on disc profiling.

The algorithm is dependent on whether we are an extrovert or introvert. For example those of us who are introvert will seek conversational partners who are less extrovert. The robot is able to indentify this when interacting with humans. The concept is very exciting and will change the landscape for developing future robot-human interaction.

Andrist found that in recent tests, human participants would be more likely to comply with robots that displayed similar behaviours or personality.

These developments will help improve the quality of life for people in need such as care and medical support where robots may be used to assist those less able in the future.

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